15 Things to Know Before Planning a Cebu Road Trip

So you’re thinking of taking a long, leisurely ride with your family and friends down south. Or, you’re itching to finally take your new ride for a spin up north. You’re pretty excited because this will be your very first Cebu road trip. But there’s one tiny thing that’s bugging you. Although you know that Cebu road trips are generally safe and fun, you don’t know exactly what to expect. Should you bring an extra gallon of fuel? Are you going to drive across barren tracks of land? Are the locals willing to come to your aid should you require some assistance?

To help finally make that long-planned trip a reality, TheCebuano lists down 15 important things you need to know before you pack for a long drive and pull out of your driveway.

1. Corniches in the South

The southern end of the island is littered with winding corniches (roads cut into the edge of a cliff) and coastal roads. So, aside from enjoying the amazing view, be alert at all times, slow down if you can, and always stay in your lane.

2. Plantations and Farmlands in the North

The northern end of the island is filled with acres and acres of farmlands and sugarcane fields. The view is marvelous especially during harvest season when the crops are ready to harvest. Just keep your eyes open for crossing trucks and farm workers.

3. Children (and Animals) on the Road

Although maintaining a speed is ideal during long road trips, be sure to keep an eye out for crossing children and animals. A lot of communities are located along the national highways. So, be extra careful when approaching communities and town centers.

4. No Gas? No Worries

Low on gas? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s a big chance that you’ll see a gas station just a few hundred meters away. On the off chance that you don’t find one, look for road-side stores selling gas, instead. They sell them in used softdrink (1 liter) bottles. And these stores usually charge only around 5 pesos on top of the regular rate.

5. Restrooms and Charging Areas

Need to use the bathroom? Gas stations usually allow travelers to use their bathroom for a minimal fee. Or for a few liters of gas. If you can’t find a gas station anywhere, however, look for an LGU-managed restroom. They’re clean and safe and a lot of them have charging stations, too!

6. Kings of the Road

Public utility buses are considered the Kings of the Road in the quieter parts of the island. Although a lot of companies regulate the travel speed of their buses, some drivers still travel way above the limit. So if you see a bus approaching, be proactive and slow down or give way to these speeding giants.

7. Delightful Food Stops

Can’t decide what to have for lunch? Worry not! Cebu has several delightful food stops that are not only good for your tummy but are also very easy on your pocket. To know about your options, here are 9 Famous Cebu Food Stops You Shouldn’t Miss.

8. Awesome Pit Stops

Want to take a break from the long drive? Check out some of Cebu’s most breath-takingly beautiful spots. Check out these lists:

35 Beautiful Spots To Visit On Your Next North Cebu Road Trip
35 Beautiful Spots To Visit On Your Next South Cebu Road Trip

9. Public Beaches Aplenty

Want to take a dip in the big blue, instead? Stop by one of the numerous amazing public beaches you’ll see along the way. Check out this list for more information: 15 Gorgeous Cebu Public Beaches You Need To Visit Today

10. Delicious Treats on the Go!

If you’re tired of all the food you stuffed in your bag, you can always keep an eye out for road-side food vendors selling delicious local delicacies. There’s masi in Liloan, budbud in Lugo, and chicharon in Carcar. For more choices, check out this post: 9 Famous Cebu Food Stops You Shouldn’t Miss

11. Tricycles and Habal-Habal

When you’re approaching town centers and district capitals, you will notice the presence of tricycles and habalhabals. As these vehicles pick up and drop off passengers virtually anywhere, it is best to take extra caution when driving in front or behind them.

12.  ‘Vulcanizing’ Shops are Everywhere

Scared of getting a flat tire during your trip? Do not worry. There are hundreds of  vulcanizing or tire repair shops located along the highway. These shops charge only around thirty to fifty pesos per tire, too!

13. No Stops, All Go!

Although most town centers (except those in the Metro, of course) are very busy, most if not all of them do not have traffic lights and pedestrian lanes. So it would be wise to slow down when approaching intersections, schools, markets, covered gyms, and even cemeteries.

14. It’s a “No Helmet Zone”

In the southern and northern towns, the ‘wear your helmet rule’ is usually not observed. While travelers passing through these towns are also not required to wear a helmet, it is best to keep yours on at all times for your own safety.

15. The Locals are Friendly

Need to call home, charge your phone, or use the bathroom? Worry not. Cebuanos are generally very friendly, helpful, and generous. It’s never difficult to find someone who would be willing to contact the local mechanic for your or let you hitch a ride to the nearest gas station.

Now you’re finally ready to start planning that perfect CEBU road trip. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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