10 Things to Know About Megawide’s Carbon Market Redevelopment Proposal

After completing the world-class Terminal 2 of the Mactan Cebu International Airport, engineering & infrastructure giant Megawide Corporation is thinking of working on yet another colossal transformation. This time, their eyes are set on Cebu City’s beloved Carbon Market.

Read on to find out how the company plans to transform Cebu’s iconic public market into a truly world-class destination.

Carbon Market Redevelopment

According to Megawide during their press presentation, the proposed Carbon Market redevelopment will give honor to the public market’s rich and colorful history as well as its importance to Cebuano culture. So, aside from offering world-class products, the new Carbon will showcase the real Bisdak experience and will make the blocks-wide public market more enjoyable and holistic.

Along with the proposal, Megawide has set a site development timeline for the project.

Q1 2021 – Open Retail and Bazaar
Q3 2021 – 1 Level with Roof Deck Dining
Q3 2021 – 5 Loading / Unloading Bays
Q1 2022 – Chapel and Statue
Q1 2023 – 4 Levels Retail
– 1 Level Basement
Q3 2024 – 2 Levels Retail (Wholesale Mall)
Q3 2024 – 2 Levels Retail (Market Extension)
Q4 2025 – 3 Levels Retail

Blocks 1 & 2: First-World Carbon Public Market

The planned first-world Carbon Public Market will feature an industrial design with elements of Cebu weaving. The design of the structure will be patterned after the old train station in Carcar.

Block 3: Wholesalers’ Hub

The wholesalers’ hub will house the market’s souvenir and handicraft shops as well as the export overrun (ukay-ukay) shops that are very popular in the area. The hub’s design will be patterned after the houses in Cebu.

Block 4: Lifestyle Village

The lifestyle village will house F&B outlets. It will also showcase popular local and international retail brands. The block will be inspired by the famous hanging rice of Cebu. Also, the structure will feature the familiar weaving pattern and shape of the puso.

Block 5: Boqueria

The boqueria will be patterned after the popular ‘boqueria’ shops in Europe. The block will have open/pop-up shops and will feature a bright and vibrant ambiance. In addition, the structure will feature alfresco dining and will offer visitors a view of the sea.

Block 6: Premier Galleria

The Premier Galleria will house premium and high-end shops and brands from all over the world. In addition, the block will have a lounge that will cater to the needs of both local and international guests.

Airport City Check-In at Carbon Market

The guest lounge at the Premier Galleria will have the Airport City Check-In feature. This means that customers at Carbon Market who are flying out can check-in even when they are still at the guest lounge.

Water Taxi

Guests who shop at Carbon Market need not worry about traffic and being at the airport on time. A water taxi service will transport passengers from the market to the airport fast and easy.

Puso 24/7 Market

The Puso 24/7 Market will house street food stalls, RTW shops, as well as souvenir and gift shops. Like the lifestyle village, the Puso 24/7 Market will feature the familiar shape of Cebu’s puso.

Sto. Nino Chapel & Park

The Sto Nino Chapel and Park will feature a giant-sized image of Cebu’s very own Senor Santo Nino. The image of the Nino will sit on top of a small chapel which will be located in the middle of a park.

Transport Hub

The new Carbon will also feature a transport hub to make travel fast and easy. Aside from the ferry station, the development will also have a land terminal as well as a taxi terminal.

Carbon Market Redevelopment – Full Media Presentation

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