10 Photos from Cebu City’s Most Crowded Children’s Park

When the M7.2 earthquake hit Cebu in 2013, the Pasil Fish Market was one of the most badly damaged structures in the city. With the integrity of the building greatly affected, the building was abandoned and eventually torn down.

Three years later, the lot where the fish market once stood is now home to one of the biggest recreational parks for children in Cebu. A project of the city government (with the help of partner contractors,) the Pasil Recreation and Children’s Park not only has swings, slides, and see-saws, it will also (soon) have facilities for skateboarding, sepak takraw, volleyball, tennis, chess, and other sports.

TheCebuano dropped by the park earlier today to take some photos of its most important features and see whether or not the project’s ‘target audience’ (the kids) really loved it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are ten photos which prove that the Pasil Recreation and Children’s Park could very well be the city’s most crowded children’s park. Ever.

1. The Avengers welcome kids to the Pasil Recreation and Children’s Park.

2. An artist is busy finishing Captain America on one of the pillars at the main entrance.

3. The structure which once housed the city’s biggest fish market is now covered with colorful murals of famous cartoon characters.

4. These recycled materials (which will become tables, chairs, and markers) are ready to be placed in various parts of the parks.

5. These tires are recycled and turned into beautiful planters. And check out that beautiful wooden climbing wall ready for use soon!

6. The iron swings are a huge hit at the park.

7. And so are the see-saws.

8. And don’t forget the slides!

9. Actually, the whole park is a huge hit.

10. And did the target ‘market’ like it? It’s pretty clear that they did.

And check out this short video of the park.

What do you think of this recent development? Let’s us know in the comments below!

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  1. Gjay says:

    Hopefully the next murals would feature Filipino superheroes instead of the foreign ones

  1. June 30, 2023

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