19 Interesting Filipino Traditions to Welcome the New Year

The year is about to end and a new one will soon take its place. Was the old year kind to you or was it something you’d like to forget and completely leave behind? Do you want the new year to be good (or be more awesome) to you and your loved ones?

You’re lucky (*wink*) because there are actually a few fool-proof ways to reverse your luck (or make things better) and completely own the new year. Well, at least that’s what our parents and grandparents think and believe. 🙂

Check out these 19 practices that will (they say) help usher in a year of nothing but positive vibes, successes, and good luck.

1. 13 Round Fruits on the Table

Preparing thirteen different kinds of round fruits will give you and your family good luck and prosperity in the coming year.


2. Coins on the Window Sill

Placing coins on the window sill of your home will attract good luck and bring your family financial success.

3. Do not Serve Chicken

Eating and serving chicken on New Year’s Day will bring poverty and monetary troubles. Nobody wants that.

4. Fill Your Wallet/Pocket with Money

Filling your wallets and pockets with money will bring you an abundant supply of moolah in the coming year.

5. Jump at Midnight

Be sure to jump as high as you possibly can when the clock strikes 12 if you want to grow a few inches taller.

 6. Turn All the Lights On

Keep your house bright and lively by turning on all the lights. This will ensure that the year ahead will be happy and bright.

7. Firecrackers

Use firecrackers to drive away the old year’s negative energies. Do not give these bad energies the peace that they want.


8. Eat Sticky Local Treats

Eat delicious sticky local treats like biko, tikoy, and budbud for better relationships (and stickier bonds) with family members.

9. Open Doors, Windows, and Drawers

Keep your doors, windows, and even drawers open to welcome positive vibes, prosperity, and good luck.

10. Make a Lot of Noise

Set the speakers to loud, bang those drums, and hit those cooking pots as hard as you can to drive the evil spirits away.

11. Wear Red / Polka-Dotted Clothes

Wear red or polka-dotted clothes as the new year arrives to attract prosperity and abundance. If your outfit is red AND has polka-dots, the better.


12. Don’t Spend a Penny

Spending on New Year’s Day will mean that money won’t be staying in your pocket the rest of the year.

13. Stuff Your Cupboard

Stuff your cupboards/pantry/storage room with food items for a year of good harvest, abundance, and bounty.

14. Eat Pancit

Eating noodles or pancit will give you and your family good health and long life.


15. Fill all Containers

Filling all the containers of basic home needs (like rice, sugar, salt, and water) ensures that ‘supplies’ are abundant and unending in the coming year.


16. Prepare and Eat Desserts

Preparing AND eating sweet treats will make the coming year extra sweet and free from worries, troubles, and negativity.

17. Don’t do the Laundry

Do not wash your clothes or sweep the floor on New Year’s day if you do not want to sweep your good luck away.

18. Do Not Cry

Even if it is tears of joy, keep the celebration tear-free. Crying on the first day of the year can mean sadness, tragedy, and sorrow.

19. Do Not Lend Money

Keep all your cash in the household. Cash will be lost in the coming days if money leaves your home on the first day of the year.

 It wouldn’t hurt to give these practices a try. They’re simple and pretty easy to do. They seem really fun, too! 🙂

Which of these traditions do you still practice at home? Do you think they really work? Let us know in the comments section below!

And, yeah, Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

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