7 Things You’ll Love About Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2018

The holiday season is here once again. And every Cebuano knows all too well what that means! The whole city is going to transform into one bright, fun, and lively wonderland. Of course, the festivities will never be complete without the well-loved yearly attraction at the South Road Properties – the Boom na Boom sa Sugbo!

Promising better rides, a more relaxed and organized space, and more activities compared to its predecessors, Boom na Boom sa Sugbo is expected to attract huge crowds and become one of the go-to spots in Cebu this holiday season.

TheCebuano lists down 7 of the things you surely will love about this seasonal theme park. Check them out below:

1. More Spacious & More Organized Boom na Boom sa Sugbo

The 2018 Boom na Boom sa Sugbo is located in the empty lot where the firecrackers stalls are usually set-up. To be more specific, it is situated between the Sugbo grounds and the original Lantaw Restaurant at the South Road Properties (SRP.)

2. Better-Looking Rides

The 2018 theme park has more gorgeous and more sturdy-looking rides. There is also more variety as new exciting rides are now made available for everyone to enjoy.

3. Better Nightly Entertainment Set-Up

Compared to the previous set-ups, the section for nightly entertainment is located within the main walls of the park. The section, however, is enclosed with food stalls all facing a huge performance stage. There are also hundreds of tables and chairs available to accommodate as many customers as possible.

4. More Food Choices

This year, visitors at the theme park can choose from a wide variety of food options inside the park. Aside from the usual stalls selling grilled items, guests can find stores selling snacks, drinks, sweets, fruits, and more!

5. More Popular Brands

More popular brands have decided to join this year’s Boom na Boom. Now, you can enjoy the fun rides and games while enjoying your favorite treats from the well-loved Leylam Shawarma and the Japanese tea shop Ochado, among others.

6. Clean Rest Rooms

The men’s and ladies’ restrooms at this year’s seasonal theme park are spacious and well-lit. They are also well-attended and are kept clean and spotless all the time.

7. Perya Favorites at Boom na Boom sa Sugbo

Some of our all-time favorite perya features are still available at the park. At this year’s theme park, you can still find the Bingo Social tent, the shooting range stalls, and the coin toss stalls, to name a few.


Check out more photos of the theme park below:

Watch this VIDEO of Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2018

Location: South Road Properties (between the Sugbo Grounds and Lantaw SRP)
Entrance Fee:
• Adults: Php20
• Children: Php20

Rides: Php30 to Php50

Hours: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am
Dates: December 8, 2018 to February 17, 2019

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