15 Cebu Spots for a Quick Change of Scenery

Life in Cebu can be hectic and hurried. And we often find ourselves dreaming of some far-off spots in the middle of a mid-day meeting or during a long jeepney ride home. “I’m definitely leaving the big city this weekend,” you say to yourself. But when you think about long travel hours and that annoying little thing called ‘packing,’ you end up ditching your plans for a lazy day with the family or some bonding time with your good ole bed.

If only traveling wasn’t this complicated. If only we could enjoy an entirely different scenery in just one hour or less.

Well, let me just tell you that I know exactly how you feel. That said, here are 19 quick Cebu spots that prove that everything is definitely within reach in Cebu. Now, you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a much-needed change of scenery without having to worry about travel time and other related “complications.” Enjoy!

1. Transcentral Highway

Connecting Cebu City and the town of Balamban, Cebu’s Transcentral Highway offers an exciting and fresh view of Cebu’s beautiful highlands.

Travel: approx 1 hour
Scene: mountainscape, lots of fresh air, occasional fog
For: you and your motorcycle-riding friends
Extra: fresh produce, cooked sweet corn, zip-lining, extreme adventure

2. Celestial Garden

Perched in the hills of Banawa, the Celestial Garden (also more popularly known as Good Shepherd) gives you peace and quiet right at the heart of the city.

Travel: 10 minutes
Scene: skyline, greens, mountainscape
For: you and your guitar-weilding friends
Extra: stations of the cross, panorama, picnics

3. Silot Bay

Liloan’s famous Silot Bay offers a wide variety of activities and countless things to see and enjoy. Are you adventurous enough? Make Liloan your next destination!

Travel: 30 minutes
Scene: seascape, Papa Kit’s
For: you and your adventurous friends
Extra: zip-lining, fishing, dining, swimming

4. Mountain View Nature Park

Mountain View is a nature park in Barangay Busay. Fancy a quiet afternoon while enjoying the beautiful skyline of Metro Cebu? Mountain View is definitely one of the Cebu spots that is perfect for that.

Travel: 20 minutes
Scene: Metro Cebu skyline, mountainscape
For: you and that special someone
Extra: rope course, beer, picnics, videoke, swimming

5. Bungtud II

Want to sing the night away while enjoying Metro Cebu’s beautiful nightscape? Fancy long romantic chats over beer and some pulutan? Bungtud II in Barangay Busay is waiting.

Travel: 20 minutes
Scene: mountainscape, skyline, city lights
For: you and your videoke-loving friends
Extra: beer, billiards, videoke

6. Talisay Beaches

Talisay City’s well-loved beaches give you the basics of good old Cebuano Sundays – lots of sun, lots of swimming, and lots of lechon!

Travel: 40 minutes
Scene: beach
For: you and your whole family
Extra: halo-halo, the old town plaza, Talisay landing monument, swimming

7. Taoist Temple

Although considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in Cebu, the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills also offers visitors peace and quiet for introspection and meditation.

Travel: 20 minutes
Scene: cityscape, religious
For: you and your best friend
Extra: skyline, wishing fountain, prayer

8. Pedro Calungsod Peak

Want to retire to a place where the whole Metro Cebu becomes one giant movie screen right in front of you? We highly recommend the Pedro Calungsod Peak in Barangay Sirao.

Travel: 40 minutes
Scene: skyline, mountainscape
For: you and your outdoorsy friends
Extra: camping, trekking

9. Bagacay Point Lighthouse

Built in 1904, the Bagacay Point Lighthouse in Liloan aka Parola has become one of Cebu’s most popular icons. It’s perfect for late afternoon strolls and chit-chats over chichirya.

Travel: 45 minutes
Scene: seascape, greens
For: you and your sweetheart/close friends
Extra: picnics, pictorials

10. Celosia Flower Farms

Be one with nature as you enjoy the beautiful blooms of Sirao’s Celosia flower fields. Different kinds of flowers are sold at half the price here, too! This is one of the Cebu spots you really shouldn’t miss.

Travel: 50 minutes
Scene: flower fields, mountainscape
For: you and that friend with a green thumb
Extra: fresh produce, potted plants

11. Lanipao Rainforest Resort

Enjoy a fun day of swimming and relaxation with family and friends right in the mountains of Sapangdaku in Barangay Guadalupe.

Travel: 30 minutes
Scene: mountainscape
For: you, the family, and the kiddos
Extra: picnic, playzone, karts, swimming, cabins

12. Kabang Falls

Fancy a little weekend adventure? How about a quick river trek? Or a long, natural shower? Then, check out Kabang Falls in Budlaan.

Travel: 1 hour
Scene: trail, forest
For: you and your hiking buddies
Extra: traverse to Sirao, flower farms, swimming

13. Mangasang Falls

Think you’d always have to travel for hours just to get to a decent-looking waterfall? Think again! Mangasang Falls in Barangay Tagbao is only 40 minutes away from the city!

Travel: 40 minutes
Scene: waterfall, river
For: you and your travel buddies
Extra: bouldering, river trekking. swimming

14. Cordova

Want peace and total relaxation while enjoying a wonderful view of the Mactan Channel and the Metro Cebu skyline? Cordova is the perfect place for that.

Travel: 50 minutes
Scene: seascape, skyline
For: you and your drinking buddies
Extra: dining, mangrove walk, fishing

15. Olango Island

Want to experience an entirely different world without having to travel very far? The island of Olango is only 15 minutes by boat from mainland Mactan!

Travel: 25 minutes
Scene: seascape, community, skyline
For: you and your adventure buddy
Extra: swimming, bird-watching, city-scape

Feeling a little depressed, stressed out, or under the weather? Plan a quick escape to these Cebu spots today!

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