15 Gorgeous Cebu Public Beaches You Need to Visit Today

When people talk about Cebu, one of the many awesome things that come to mind is the beach. And rightfully so because the island is blessed with an abundant supply of beaches that are not only clean and inexpensive, but are also great-looking.

But let’s admit it, some of Cebu’s best ones are either fenced off by a big international hotel chain or owned by a really rich local family. So what happens to us beach-loving Cebuanos who want to spend quality time at the beach without breaking our piggy banks? Fret not! This week, TheCebuano lists down 15 of Cebu’s best-looking public beaches. Ready?

NOTE: Entrance fees and rates may change without prior notice.

15. Obong

Town: Dalaguete
Fee: PhP 5.00

Located just a few paces from the renowned Obong Spring, the oft-forgotten Obong beach is a nice little spot for a quick and quiet swim.


14. Malabuyoc

Town: Malabuyoc

Offering an amazing view of the island of Negros, this road-side gem is the perfect pit stop for weary (and sometimes bored) long-distance travelers.


13. Luyang

Town: Carmen

Located in Barangay Luyang in the town of Carmen, Luyang Beach is a very well-loved brown gem frequented both by locals and visiting beach lovers.


12. Matutinao

Town: Badian

Badian town’s Matutinao Beach is one of the island’s most interesting spots. The water here is neither too salty nor too fresh as this is where fresh water from the Matutinao River meets sea water.


11. Kawit

Town: Medellin

Before taking a thirty-minute boat ride to the beautiful island of Gibitngil, take a quick swim at the equally gorgeous white sand beach of Barangay Kawit.


10. Hidden Beach

Town: Aloguinsan
Fee: PhP 10.00

Fancy a quiet little dip in the middle of a busy week? Head on to Aloguinsan and check out the town’s truly mesmerizing Hidden Beach.


9. Maravilla

Town: Tabuelan

Tabuelan town’s Maravilla beach is where you need to be right this very moment. The white sand beach is fantastic. You also get the chance to meet the super friendly and polite locals.


8. Lambug

Town: Badian

Thinking of leaving the city for a quick getaway? Check out Badian’s Lambug beach. Lambug is frequented not only by adventure-seekers and beach lovers but also by tourists both foreign and local.

7. Tingko

Town: Alcoy
Fee: PhP 5.00

Alcoy’s Tingko Beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Cebu. Located along the South National Road, Tingko is perfect for overnight trips with good friends, weekend adventures with colleagues, or day trips with the whole family.


6. San Remigio

Town: San Remigio

The coastline of San Remigio is considered one of the longest and best-looking in Cebu. What makes it even better is the fact that anybody can access it any time.


5. Hermit’s Cove

Town: Aloguinsan
Fee: PhP 50.00

Aloguinsan’s Hermit’s Cove is currently one of the island’s newest discoveries. After a river cruise in Bojo, drop by Hermit’s Cove for an afternoon (or a full day) of fun at this well-preserved beach.


4. Bas Dako

Town: Moalboal
Fee: PhP 10.00

Want to spend quality time with your family and friends? Moalboal’s Bas Daku is perfect for just about any group. The beach is huge, the water is deep, and the dive spots are awesome.


3. Santiago Bay

Town: Camotes Islands

A trip to the island of Camotes is never complete without a stop at Santiago Bay. Considered one of the best-looking beaches in Cebu, Santiago Bay is truly a must-visit.


2. Malapascua Island

Town: Daanbantayan

Just 15 minutes from mainland Cebu, Malapascua Island in Daanbantayan offers crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and if you’re lucky, an encounter with the elusive thresher sharks.


1. Bantayan Island

Town: Bantayan

For a lot of Cebuanos, summer breaks are never complete without a trip to Cebu’s very own party island. Bantayan Island is not only a party destination, however. It is also famous for its amazing tourist spots, great food, and truly unique traditions.


Have you been to some if not all of these beaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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