15 Delightful Reasons to Visit Bohol’s 10:31 by Chef M

The island of Bohol is widely popular for its must-see tourist attractions, age-old traditions, super hospitable locals, and unique, undeniable charm. When people talk about domestic travel and local favorites, it is impossible not to see Bohol near the top of a pretty long list.

Over the weekend, #TheCebuano traveled to the city of Tagbilaran to witness the beginnings of yet another excellent addition to the island’s must-visit destinations. Together with the movers and shakers of the island and a handful of members of the blogging community, we welcomed a new name which will definitely soon grace everyone’s Bohol bucket list.

10:31 by Chef M is Bohol’s newest culinary heaven. Just five minutes from the port of Tagbilaran, the restaurant offers great-tasting dishes, to-die-for desserts, yummy pasalubong treats, must-try drinks, and a whole lot more.

Here are 15 great reasons why TheCebuano definitely recommends 10:31 by Chef M.

1. Ambiance

10:31 by Chef M appeals to both the locals and the visitors. It is homey, relaxed, and quiet. At the same time, it is modern, adventurous, and stylish. It’s definitely where you want to be after a long day at work or during your days off.

10:31 by Chef M is located along M. Parras Extension right across the San Antonio de Padua church in Tagbilaran City.


2. Excellent Service

10:31 by Chef M has a very well-trained team of food experts and servers. If you want excellent service that doesn’t require you to shell out a fortune, 10:31 by Chef M is the right place for you.


3. Pasalubong

Traveling to Bohol will never be complete without a trip to the pasalubong centers. Instead of bringing home the usual stuff, however, do drop by 10:31 by Chef M and check out their new and exciting array of pasalubong treats your family and friends will surely love.

10:31 by Chef M’s Specialties Corner

Garlic Sticks | Crunch


Mamon | Patatas


Rosquillos | Eggcrackers | Crinkles



4. Desserts

Are you nursing your sweet tooth? 10:31 by Chef M is the right place for you. The restaurant has exciting and ‘dramatic’ desserts that are not only Instagram-ready but are also super delicious. The Molten Chocolate Surprise is a must-try!

Molten Chocolate Surprise P380


5. Coffee and Drinks

Want a nice and lovely late afternoon chat over a cup of coffee? Drop by 10:31 by Chef M and check out their great-tasting
coffee selections. They serve tea, sodas, juices, and ice cream shakes, too!


6. Pork Dishes

If you’re a fan of pork, you’re in for a treat at 10:31 by Chef M. The restaurant has four signature pork dishes that are guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.

Honey Glazed Pork P180

Pork Loin in Strawberry Sauce P260

Herb Crusted Grilled Pork Chop P220

10:31’s Rackstar P360


7. Beef Dishes

If you’re a huge fan of caldereta, we highly recommend 10:31 by Chef M’s Beef Caldereta. It is tender and flavorful and it will remind you of your grammy’s home-cooked dishes.

Beef Caldereta P230


8. Chicken Dishes

If chicken is your thing, there are three great dishes that you can choose from at 10:31 by Chef M. They have Cordon Bleu, Chicken Pastel, and Roasted Chicken. Don’t miss Chef M’s Roasted Chicken. It is the best!

Cordon Bleu P240

Chicken Pastel P210

Chef M’s Roasted Chicken P280


9. Pasta

If you’re a lover of pasta, 10:31 by Chef M’s pasta spread will make you extremely happy. They have lasagna, beef herb aglio and oglio, seafood pasta, and the mouth-watering pesto pasta.

Beef Herb Aglio and Olio P180

Chicken Pesto Pasta P260

Creamy Seafood Pasta P220


10. Seafoods

Are you on a seafood diet? Fret not. 10:31 by Chef M will take good care of you. They serve, prawns, scallops, crab, and tuna belly. They even have salmon fillet!

Baked Prawns P320

Crab Relleno P280

Seafood in Curry Sauce P280


11. Appetizers

10:31 by Chef M‘s Appetizers will bring out the ravenous foodie in you. Before the ‘big event,’ you can feast on nachos, ceviche, tomatoes and basil bites, and everyone’s favorite: buffalo wings!

Tomatoes and Basil Bites P140

Buffalo Wings P260

12. Salads

Want to grab a bowl of delicious and nutritious salad, instead? We highly recommend the 10:31 Salad! It is so good you will forget your name. The Russian salad and the California Salad Wraps are excellent, too!

10:31 Salad P220

Russian Salad P180


13. Cakes

Before they ventured into the restaurant scene, Chef M was already a trusted name when it comes to cakes and pastries. If you want nothing but the best cakes and pastries in Bohol, you know where to go.


14. Delivery

Too lazy to drive all the way to the restaurant? You can contact 10:31 by Chef M and have your orders delivered right to your doorstep. They can even deliver to Cebu! Now that’s exciting!


15. Other Services

Can’t get enough of your unforgettable dining experience at the restaurant? You can take 10:31 by Chef M with you. Literally. Aside from the restaurant, they also handle events organizing, catering, and venue styling. They even do dessert buffets!

 10:31 by Chef M opens on July 10, 2016 at 10:31 am!

Mark your calendars and don’t miss this momentous event. Lucky customers get free treats on opening day, too!

10:31 by Chef M

M. Parras Extension, Poblacion 3, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
(across the San Antonio de Padua Church)

Mon-Sun: 09:00 am – 10:31 pm

Facebook – www.facebook.com/1031bychefm
Instagram – @ten31bychefm
Mobile # 0925 738 6087
Email: 1031bychefm@gmail.com

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