20 Lesser-Known Cebu Spots You Need to Visit Today

Want to have a truly fun and memorable weekend trip but can’t stand the crazy crowd? I know one trick that you might find really helpful. Instead of visiting the most popular spots in Cebu, why don’t you check out the lesser-known ones instead? This week, TheCebuano presents more than 20 of Cebu’s lesser-known spots that truly deserve our attention. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Golden Sands Destination Resorts

Type: Beach Resort
Location: Maya, Daanbantayan

Golden Sands is a destination resort that has everything you could ever need — a long stretch of white-sand beach, brackish lake for kayaking, and lots of open space to enjoy the radiant rays of the sun.

2. Liog-Liog Rock

Type: Rock Formation
Location: Santa Cruz, Ronda

Liog-Liog Rock is a unique marine rock formation in the beautiful town of Ronda which is perfect for your Instagram #feedgoals.

3. Durano Foundation Complex

Type: Heritage Structure
Location: Guinsay, Danao City

Fancy a trip down memory lane? Head on to the wonderful city of Danao and enjoy the amazing artistry and elegance of the Durano Foundation complex. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

4. Ka-Tilong Sunflower Farm

Type: Flower Farm
Location: Cantipla 1, Cebu City (Highlands)

Looking for the next big IG spot here in the city? Head on to the Ka-Tilong Sunflower Farm and get your best IG pose ready! (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

5. Ka-Tinggo Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Catmon (Esoy Hot Spring)

After a healing dip at the Esoy Hot Spring, drop by the lovely Ka-Tinggo Falls just several hundred meters away and enjoy a cool, relaxing swim.

6. Hermit’s Cove

Type: Beach/Cove
Location: Aloguinsan

Visit Hermit’s Cove for your endless #beachbod photo sessions. Or, if you’re like most Cebuanos who enjoy relaxing on the beach, there’s plenty of big open space for you at Hermit’s Cove.

7. Fern Valley Resort

Type: Natural Resort
Location: Malabuyoc

Want to spend a full day away from the city and just leisurely swimming in fresh, cool water? Visit Malabuyoc and enjoy nature’s wonders at Fern Valley Resort. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

8. Balayg Sawag Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Samboan

Are you looking for your next big adventure? Make the Balay’g Sawa Falls in the lovely town of Samboan your next stop! (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

9. Lusno Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Ronda

A little out of the way but is definitely worth the long travel time, Ronda’s ever-enigmatic Lusno Falls is truly a must-visit.

10. Olango Marine Sanctuary

Type: Sanctuary
Location: Olango Island

A quiet spot in Olango which gives you a great view of the booming metropolis, the Marine Sanctuary is perfect for late afternoons reflections and meditations. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

11. Pawod Spring

Type: Underwater Cave System / Spring
Location: Agus, Lapu-Lapu City

Located right in the heart of Lapu-Lapu City, and just along the national highway, the Pawud Underwater Cave System in Agus is hard to miss.

12. Kapilya de Sakripisyo

Type: Chapel for Unbaptized stillborn children
Location: Argao

An age-old place of prayer right in the heart of the Argao plaza, the Kapilya de Sakripisyo gives us a glimpse of the heritage and culture of the early Argaoanons.

13. Kan-Amno Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Lower Becerril, Boljoon

A stunning cascading waterfall at the foot of the mountains of Lower Becerril, Boljoon, Kan-Amno Falls will surely take your breath away.

14. Cancalanog Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Alegria

A perfect IG spot in the town of Alegria, the Cancalanog Falls is considered one of Southern Cebu’s most beautiful natural wonders. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

15. Manggasang Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Barangay Tagbao, Cebu City

Hidden in the mountain barangay of Tagbao in Cebu City is this beautiful and truly untouched gem locals refer to as Mangasang Falls.

16. Medellin Hideaway

Type: Beach Resort
Location: Medellin

Medellin Hideaway is a scenic adventure spot that offers a stunning view of the coast of Medellin. It’s IG-worthy, too! Don’t you think?

17. Cambais Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Alegria

One of the most beautiful waterfall systems in Cebu, Cambais Falls has two major waterfalls and several smaller drops.

18. Sea Paradise

Type: Zoo/Boardwalk
Location: Alcantara

Alcantara’s Sea Paradise is a boardwalk which doubles as a zoo! If you want a bit of quiet while in the company of animals, this is the spot for you.

19. Pityak / Tubod-Duguan Falls

Type: Waterfall
Location: Dumanjug

Considered one of Dumanjug town’s prized jewels, Pityak Falls, also known as Tubod-Duguan Falls, is truly a stunning natural wonder.

20. Marmol Cliffs

Type: Cliffs/River
Location: Tuburan

Enjoy a truly unforgettable adventure at the impressive cliff face of Tuburan town’s intriguing and very mystical Marmol Cliffs.

More Must-Visit Spots

Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring National Park

Type: Spring
Location: Carcar City

The Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring is a cool watering hole in Carcar City which is perfect for those hot summer afternoons.

Lanipao Rainforest

Type: Mountain Resort
Location: Sapangdaku, Guadalupe

Escape from the busy city life and enjoy a relaxing swim just a stone’s throw away in Lanipao in Sapangdaku, Guadalupe.

Liki Spring

Type: Cold Spring
Location: Tabuelan

After enjoying the amazing beaches of Tabuelan, enjoy a quick dip at the quiet and beautiful Liki Spring. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

Moalboal Seaside Park

Type: Town Plaza
Location: Moalboal

Enjoy early morning strolls, afternoon bike rides, or late night chats at Moalboal’s very own seaside plaza. (photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog)

How many of these amazing Cebu spots have you visited? Which one is your absolute favorite? Don’t forget to share your thoughts! Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Vic R. Seguerra says:

    This is a beautiful beginning of enlightening the younger generation of our good old days when ….Old Cebu was still popularly known as Sugbu…. When Talisay had the most number of swimming pools because of its free flowing “poso” or Artesian wells, the famous lechon inasal, and kinilaw isda…. When there were no big, high rise hotels except “Bascon Capitol Hotel”, antedating Magellan Hotel by almost 2 decades? … When “The Yarrow Beach Resort and Club”, was the entertainment place to be, with its famous nightly orchestra… And others. … Carcar was already famous for its crispy chicharon, ampaw, and sweet juicy “Takoy” pomelos…. When Mandaue was well known for its Binkang Mandaue, the long white passenger trucks, with the jeepney type seating arrangement, and … When Cebu’s provincial roads were plied by the red colored Bisaya Land Trans., and Cebu Autobus, among a few others plying like the yellow Lozadas, the Enad Bros, Reroma Bus, ….

  2. I have not visited any of these but soon, I will. There is also falls in Ginatilan, which is my hometown.

  3. Wow! Very nice list! Daghan pa mi wala na adtoan ani nga mga lugar.

  4. Gary says:

    WOW, Amazing List

    I am going to have to do some more exploring

  1. November 22, 2020

    […] During our stay at the Palicte Beach Resort in Tubigag-Manok, we made a quick visit to Buswang Lake. Buswang Lake in Barangay Bago, Asturias is considered one of the biggest natural lakes in Cebu. Because of its size and beauty, it is now attracting the attention of both locals and visitors. In fact, consider how accessible it is (via the TransCentral Highway), it is now considered one of western Cebu’s top emerging tourist destinations. […]

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