Taft Properties Launches ‘Comforts of Christmas’ in Time for the Holidays

As part of its promise to be part of Cebu’s ‘bounce-back’, Taft Properties has recently launched the Comforts of Christmas campaign. A special early Christmas Tree lighting held on October 23, 2020, kick-started the event. With this campaign, Taft Properties hopes to achieve a couple of things. One of which is to highlight the importance of having ‘purposeful design’ that provides the best living experience possible.

Putting the spotlight on small design innovations that are often overlooked, the campaign celebrates the Filipinos’ resilience, especially in these very trying times. Taft understands that due to the pandemics, the home is now at the center of all activities. Taft also knows that having comfortable and sensible designs especially during the holiday season can spell the difference.

Changing the Way Homes are Made

Having been in the industry for more than two decades, Taft Properties knows that even the smallest design details can mean a lot. As such, Taft has carefully studied the design of their homes to make sure that they provide nothing but safety, comfort, and joy.

Some of the many innovations that Taft has used in their properties include the use of lever-type handles to make the opening of doors easier. To most people, this may seem very small. However, it is important to note that it could definitely affect the quality of home life in the long run.

Another change that Taft is proud of is the use of fast drain technology in the shower area. This not only keeps the shower area clean, but it also prevents water ponding.

Other ‘small’ but very helpful ‘comforts’ Taft has used in their homes include the lower positioning of light switches, the addition of bidet in toilets, and the use of modern design fire boards, among others.

Special Christmas Treat

Running from October 1 to December 31, 2020, the ‘Comforts of Christmas‘ features great deals and discounts for buyers. Young professionals and families that want to buy their own Taft home can enjoy discounts of up to Php750,000.00. Also, the company offers flexible payment terms that can be extended to as long as 42 months.

Moreover, buyers can take advantage of the Refer and Earn Program to earn as much as Php100,000 for a unit successfully sold to a referred buyer. Incentives of as much as Php45,000 may also be given for every succeeding referral.

Additionally, interested buyers may also visit the showrooms this Christmas season to be able to bring home special treats and giveaways. Viewings are still allowed despite the ongoing restrictions. However, on-site viewings are strictly private and scheduled.

Taft Properties and East Gate Cebu

Taft Properties is the name behind premium developments like Horizons 101, Symfoni Nichols, and Soltana Nature Residences. It was established in 1997 and is considered a pioneer when it comes to MictroTownship Master Planning and Crafted Comfort.

According to Chief Operating Officer Myra Lynn Gilig, “Taft Micro Township is more than just a roof over one’s head. It is a place where families get needed support as they work towards their goals in life.”

One-bedroom unit at East Gate Cebu
Studio unit at East Gate Cebu
Two-bedroom unit at East Gate Cebu

Together with Megawide, this home-grown brand is also behind the East Gate Cebu project. East Gate Cebu is a four-tower project situated right at the heart of the Cebu Business Park.

The first tower has 726 residential units. It is expected to be topped off this December. The other three buildings will have a hotel, a shopping district, and serviced apartments. Connecting the four towers is a 10-story podium that will house commercial, office, and BPO spaces.

Watch this video to see the latest East Gate Cebu updates:

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