The Safari Camp at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park: 7 Features You’ll Love

When it comes to travel destinations, Cebuanos are blessed with a variety of choices. In the town of Carmen alone, for example, both local and foreign visitors can choose from a wide array of unique and interesting activities and spots.

One of Carmen’s most popular spots is the ever-evolving Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. Cebu Safari is a sprawling nature park nestled in the hills and mountains of the northern town. Aside from being an animal reserve, Cebu Safari is also an emerging mecca for hobbyists, thrill-seekers, and lovers of adventure. Recently, Cebu Safari opened Safari Camp, an exclusive lifestyle and wellness haven right at the heart of the park. With this, Cebu Safari is slowly cementing itself as a must-visit destination for basically all types of travelers.

This week on, we take a look at some of the many reasons why Cebu Safari and Adventure Park’s Safari Camp has got what it takes to become the next big thing in Travel and Adventure in Cebu.

Amazing Cabins at Safari Camp

Located just minutes away from the zoo, the luxurious cabins at the Safari Camp are both spacious and beautifully designed. These wooden structures have multiple rooms which accommodate entire families or a big group of friends. Aside from the main rooms which all have their own toilets and showers, each cabin has its own living room, a kitchen, and a dining area.

Spectacular View

The Safari Camp’s unique location allows its guest to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sprawling property below. From the pool, the Serengeti Restaurant, and the viewing deck, guests get a good glimpse of the expansive Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. Also clearly visible are adventure structures including the sky bike, zip line, and giant swing facility.

Chill and Unwind at the Peak

The Safari Camp is a perfect spot to unwind and shake off all of the day’s negativities and worries. Aside from the wide open spaces, the Safari Camp has plenty of areas where one can sit in silence, and just take in the beauty of nature.

Delicious Food at Safari Camp

The Serengeti Restaurant, the Safari Camp’s dedicated restaurant, offers a wide variety of international cuisine. From burgers to noodles to unique Filipino dishes, the restaurant is guaranteed to have a dish that will make your heart (and tummy) happy.

Safari Camp Late Night Bonding Sessions

Camp Safari understands the value of creating stronger bonds through fun activities. For this reason, the Safari Camp has set aside facilities for late-night bonding sessions. Sitting right in the middle of the property is a bonfire pit where groups can gather around for an evening of fun games and chats. Smaller fire pits can also be seen in other parts of the camp.

Night-Time Activities

As an exclusive treat for its guests, visitors at the Safari Camp can enjoy the night-time activities offered by Cebu Safari. They can try the Canopy Walk which features a magical night walk through the laser-lit woods. They can also have a tour of the Gardens of the World as it comes alive at night. Additionally, they can also try the Night Safari and see the African White Lions up close and personal as they actively roam around or hunt for food.

Adventure Activities

Guests at the Safari Camp can also enjoy the various adventure activities offered at Cebu Safari. They can try the sky bike, the zipline, and the giant swing. And if they want to explore the park more, they can try riding the ATV through the park’s challenging and visually stunning trails.

So there you have it. Those are just a few of the reasons why you definitely should make the Safari Camp your next travel destination of choice. To know more about this the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park as well as the Safari Camp, visit their official website at

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  1. Emirelli says:

    Safari camp is a very nice activity in terms of combining people with nature. I try to do it every year.

  2. Emirelli says:

    Safari camp is a very nice activity in terms of combining people with nature.

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