Taft East Gates Welcomes the Holiday Season with ‘Christmas Sparkle’

Taft East Gate on November 16, 2019 officially welcomed the holiday season with the lighting of their 2019 Christmas Tree. The festive event, dubbed ‘Christmas Sparkle’, was filled with wonderful music, great food, and exciting suprises. Taft East Gate’s gorgeous and dazzling Christmas Tree is located in front of their showroom (fronting CBTL) and is open to the public.

Heading the joyous event were Felix Tiukinhoy (CFO), Jennifer Musni (Group Treasurer), Jack Gaisano (Chairman and President), Margaret Gaisano-Ang, Justin Gaisano, Myra Lynn Gilig (Vice President and Deputy COO), and Jason Gaisano.

Also present during the event were special guests, members of the local media and the blogging community, partners, brokers, agents, and clients. During the event, Taft East Gate also had a special promo for clients who would like to invest on Taft East Gate – Cebu’s newest rising lifestyle destination.

Due to the captivating and mesmerizing features of Taft East Gate’s 2019 Christmas Tree, guests and visitors were easily drawn and encouraged to take photos or selfies.

The Christmas Tree is made from simple, local materials. However, Taft was able to give the trees such character and charm with their ingenuity and creativity.

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