Jericho Rosales Visits Cordova for San Miguel Pale Pilsen Sari-Sari Store Tour

Showbiz icon and certified idol Jericho Rosales was recently in Cordova, Cebu for the Cebu leg of the San Miguel Pale Pilsen Sari-Sari Store Tour. The tour aims to thank and give back to the men and women who continue to support the brand through the sari-sari stores that they own and operate.

Take a look at the scenes from Jericho’s press conference in Lantaw as well as his actual visits to the sari-sari stores in Barangay Dapitan in Cordova.

Jericho’s time in Cordova began with a hearty lunch at the famous Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Barangay Day-as. After lunch, a short press conference followed during which Jericho interacted with the members of the local press and answered some of their questions.

According to Jericho, as someone who grew up helping his family sell goods in the local market in his hometown in Bicol, he feels that through the Sari-Sari Store Tour project, he is, in a way, retracing his roots and humble beginnings.

Jericho answers questions from the local media

Jericho explained that the first leg of the San Miguel Pale Pilsen began in Davao City last October. Their stop in Cebu is the second leg and they’re hoping to do similar activities in other parts of the country, as well.

When asked why they picked Cordova, Jericho shared that the project is the iconic beer brand’s way of rewarding the drinkers as well as the sellers of San Miguel Pale Pilsen in high patronage areas nationwide. Cordova is actually one of the leading towns in the country when it comes to sales.

Jericho Rosales excitedly showed off a new special edition San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer can which changes color when the content is 10 degrees or below.

The special edition San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer can is now available in select stores all over the country.

Jericho poses for a photo while holding a bottle and a can of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.
Jericho chats with executives and officials from San Miguel Corporation.

After the short press conference, Jericho and his team directly drove to Barangay Dapitan for the official start of the sari-sari store tour.

A sari-sari store owner patiently waits for Jericho Rosales with her San Miguel Pale Pilsen merchandise in full display.

News of Jericho Rosales’s arrival in Barangay Dapitan quickly spread around the neighborhood. Soon, the streets were filled with avid fans, supporters, and excited residents who wanted to see their idol up close.

A huge crowd of supporters and fans welcomed Jericho in Barangay Dapitan, Cordova town.
Jericho poses for a photo with sari-sari store owners and fans.
Excited fans pose with Jericho with their can of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.
Jericho hands out special gifts to sari-sari store owners who continue to support the brand.
Jericho inspects a sari-sari store as fans excitedly gather around.
Jericho takes a selfie with the owners of one of the stores in Barangay Dapitan.

Watch this video of the scenes from the press conference and sari-sari store tour:

To know more about the San Miguel Pale Pilsen Sari-Sari Store Tour, visit the official San Miguel Pale Pilsen website here. You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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