18 Things that Make Cebu Fiestas Awesome

Aside from the long out-of-town trips and numerous family beach outings, the thing that makes us Cebuanos really excited about the summer months is the local barrio / barangay / sitio fiesta. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Cebu fiestas awesome and truly memorable.

1. Toys Everywhere!

Who can resist those colorful light sticks, weirdly-shaped balloons, toy guns, and superhero masks?

2. Church / Church Altar All Decked Up

During the fiesta months, the chapels are all fancied up with fresh blooms and new curtains.

3. The Carro Adorned with Flowers

Don’t forget to grab a handful of flowers after the procession! (Be ready to wiggle your way through the crowd, though.)

4. The Thrilling ‘Carnaval’ Rides

Ferris wheel, roller coaster, Octopus, horror train, or merry-go-round. Take your pick.

5. The Colorful Street Bunting

Nothing makes the season more festive than these colorful flaglets. And of course, they’re neatly put in place by our trusty neighborhood men.

6. The Burning Candles

Candles are sold and lit outside the church/chapel in honor of the local patron saint.

7. The Cute Angels

Don’t miss the cute little kids who join the procession as winged angels.

8. The Amazing Diskoral

Be ready with your 20 pesos. And don’t forget the stamp that proves you’ve paid the entrance fee. 🙂

9. The Perya for the Little Ones

If you’re lucky, your one peso can be 20 pesos!

10. The Perya for the Older Ones

Bigger wins. But also bigger losses.

11. The Mobile Food Carts

Cotton candy, cooked peanuts, fishballs, sliced fruits, baluts — Cebu fiestas are never complete without these delicious treats!

12. Videoke Machines at Every Turn

Of course, Cebuanos couldn’t celebrate with just music and dancing. A videoke machine must be set up in every household.

13. BINGO Social

Your momma is probably addicted to this. And check out the head announcer’s spiels. They’re amazingly entertaining.

14. Nightly Shows and Entertainment

Beauty pageants, dance and singing contests, variety shows – these are just some of the spectacular things that keep us entertained after the nightly novena.

15. Sidewalk Ukay-Ukay

TIP: New stocks arrive just before feast day. Be ready with your moolah!

16. Pretty Little Misses

Dalagang Bukid? Reyna Elena? Santa Monica? What was your title when you were little?

17. Home-Cooked Lechon

Fiestas in Cebu are never complete without the good old home-cooked lechon. Yum!

18. Mouth-Watering Fiesta Food

And don’t forget the fiesta favorites like humba, paklay, dugo-dugo, escabeche, and guinamay! 🙂

Did we forget anything?

Tell us about the things that you love about Cebu fiestas.

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