5 Amazing Cebuana Adventurers to Follow on Instagram

While the local travel/adventure scene attracts more male enthusiasts, a handful of Cebuanas have succeeded in breaking out of the mold by simply following their heart and their passion. These ladies are fearless, determined, and just full of zest for life and adventure.

This month, TheCebuano presents 5 Cebuana adventurers who are not only passionate about Cebu and the outdoors but are also great story-tellers and blessed with an eye for photography.

If you want a quick inspiration for your next Cebu adventures this summer, don’t forget to follow these fine ladies on Instagram ASAP.

Marjorie (@dakilanglaagan)

Why Follow Her?

• Amazing new destinations
• Trekking and mountain climbing tips
• Great writing
• Life lessons
• Fun photos

Posts Followers Following
347 400+ 900+

Her Instagram Feed:

Leonidas (@laagsparkles)

Why Follow Her?

• Amazing photography
• Exciting new discoveries
• Photography tricks
• Fresh and bubbly perspective

Posts Followers Following
243 700+ 700+

Her Instagram Feed:

Johanna (@beanintransit)

Why Follow Her?

• Insights on life, travel, and adventures
• Travel tips
• Great storytelling
• Hiking and trekking tips

Posts Followers Following
255 1700+ 900+

Her Instagram Feed:

Sheila of Adrenaline Romance (@adrenaline_romance)

Why Follow Her?

• Cebu/Philippine travels
• Extreme adventures
• Climbing/trekking tips
• Concise travel guides

Posts Followers Following
460 1900+ 1800+

Her Instagram Feed:

Glister (@chasing_potatoes)

Why Follow Her?

• Vivid visuals
• New destinations
• Trekker pro tips
•  Excellent perspectives and shooting style

Posts Followers Following
353 3500+ 600+

Her Instagram Feed:

Did we miss anyone? Let us know who your favorite Cebuana adventure is in the comments section below!

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    Wow show’s how really beautiful this island really is…

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