Summer in Cebu: 16 Terrific Reasons to Spend it Here

Summer is awesome. We’re pretty sure everyone agrees. However, spending summer in Cebu is something else. Here, summers are a lot more special, more exciting, more memorable. Let’s take a look at 16 amazing reasons why summers should always be spent in good old Cebu.

1. Beer Nights with a View

Do you want a relaxing spot where you can chat with friends over cold beer? Cebu’s awesome highland night haunts are perfect for those long and humid summer nights. They’re only 15 minutes away, too!

[TheCebuano Recommends: Mr. A’s, Tops, Mountain View, Bungtod Dos, Lantaw]

2. Family Beach Sundays

Summers in Cebu will never be complete without a trip to the local public beach. Imagine weekends with the whole family spent swimming, lechon-binging, and videoke-ing.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Talisay, Mactan, Danao, Liloan, Compostela]

3. High-end Tourist Traps

While Cebuanos are known for being frugal, they also love to indulge every once in a while. So it’s not surprising that even locals frequent well-known tourist traps in Cebu. Ever wonder why someone who lives next to the beach would want to spend a night at a high-end resort? Well, why the heck not? It’s summer!

[TheCebuano Recommends: Movenpick, Shangri-La, Plantation Bay, Crimson, JPark Island, Bluewater]

4. Halo-Halo Nights

When the nights are mercilessly oven-warm, Cebuanos know exactly where to go — Halo-halo joints! There’s a lot to choose from. In fact, aside from the most popular ones, there’s also a big chance that a halo-halo join exists just a short distance from where you are.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Victoria’s, Carla’s, Melton’s, Ice Castle, Ice Giants]

5. Cool Camping Trips

Wanna leave the stressful concrete jungle to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors? Cebu has amazing trekking routes, hiking spots, and campsites that can soothe both mind and body. Give them a try!

[TheCebuano Recommends: Osmeña Peak, Pedro Calungsod Peak, Badian, Moalboal]

6. Visita Iglesia

Are you into heritage and culture? The summer months are the perfect time to visit some of the best churches in the country. As a matter of fact, Cebu has a huge concentration of some of the best-looking churches on this side of the globe. It is, after all, the seat of Christianity.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Sto. Niño, Cathedral, Simala, Carcar, Sibonga, and basically every single town in Cebu]

7. Summer Island-Hopping in Cebu

A lot of sea travels begin and end in Cebu. It is not only situated right in the very center of the archipelago, but it is also the base of about 80% of shipping operators in the country. So, jumping from one island to another when you’re in Cebu is basically as easy as a pie.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Nalusuan, Caohagan, Hilutungan, Olango, Pescador, Malapascua]

8. Bar Hopping at the Beach

Tired of the often-stressful bar-hopping experience in the city? Try a refreshing type of bar-hopping you’ll surely love — Bar Hopping at the beach! Have a wonderful night out with friends while enjoying a wonderful view of the big blue.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Rock Bar – Crimson, Azure – Crimson, Ibiza – Movenpick, Waves Bar – Shangri-La]

9. Sports and Fitness

Do you want to be productive and healthy(er) this summer? Cebu has several spaces that will make sure you’re in top shape for the bikini season. What’s amazing is that you don’t even have to shell out a fortune.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Cebu City Sports Center, Fuente Osmeña, Plaza Independencia, Cebu IT Park, Cebu Business Park]

10. Mall Weekends

Weekends are never dull in Cebu. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like spending it in the highlands or at the beach, the malls are a perfect alternative. Cebu has some of the best malls in the country. And everything you could ever need – iMax, spas, restaurants, shops, fun activities for all members of the family – can be found here.

[TheCebuano Recommends: SM City Cebu, SM Consolacion, Ayala Center Cebu, J Centre Mall, Gaisano Country Mall]

11. Fiesta Nights

The summer months in Cebu are exciting not only because school is out but also because it’s Fiesta Months. If you want to see something fun (and often funny,) be on the lookout for the next nightly activities in your neighborhood.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Miss Gay pageants, Variety shows, Dance competitions, Talent shows]

12. Hobbies and Interests

The summer months are very exciting in Cebu. In fact, during these months, a lot of hobby and interest groups organize activities for their members. If the only things you do during summer are eating and sleeping, we think it’s high time to get an exciting hobby.

[TheCebuano Recommends: CosPlay conventions, Trekking & Climbing, Pet Care, Expos, Job Fairs]

13. Pool Days

If going to the beach is not your thing, you might want to check out Cebu’s beautiful pools. Cebu has numerous pools that locals frequent especially during the summer months. In fact, a lot of them are located just minutes away from the city center.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Boys Scout Pool, Cebu City Sports Center, Talisay, Busay]

14. Road Trips

Summer road trips in Cebu are awesome. Why? Because the sights you see along the way are fantastic and the spots you check out during your numerous stops are breathtakingly beautiful.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Round South, Round North, South Via Naga-Barili, North Via Bogo-Lugo]

15. Cool Natural Spots

Beautiful natural spots are a dime a dozen in Cebu. So, make the most of your summer vacation by checking out at least 5 of the island’s best waterfalls, springs, and beaches! They’re very close to each other, too!

[TheCebuano Recommends: Kawasan, Cambais, Aguinid, Inambakan, Tumalog, Mantayupan, Kabang]

16. Food Trips

If you have a different trip in mind, Cebu doesn’t disappoint. From desserts to street food, to delicacies, to high-end buffets, Cebu has some of the best food joints that can make your summer a lot more exciting.

[TheCebuano Recommends: Tisa food kiosks, Pasil larang and tuslob-buwa, Carcar lechon and delicacies, hotel buffets]

So, what do you think about our list? Do you have an item that excites you? Let us know in the comments below!

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