10 Things To Know About the Ili Rock Viewing Deck of Boljoon

Boljoon is considered one of Cebu’s most beautiful towns. Blessed with natural, man-made, and heritage landmarks, the town is a favorite stop among tourists traveling to the southern tip of the island. The town is home to the age-old Patrocinio de Maria Church, the captivating Kan-Amno Falls, a host of well-loved beach resorts, and the famous Ili Rock, which is also often referred to as Cebu’s Southern Bend.

Just last year, for safety reasons (to prevent rocks from falling during landslides,) the top portion of the iconic Ili Rock was cleared and leveled. The activity lasted for months and was eventually stopped when it was deemed that the rock was already stable. Today, the top portion of the rock has become one of the town’s most prized tourist attractions called the Ili Rock Viewing Deck.

Still can’t fully wrap your hands around it? Here are 10 things you need to know about this new tourist haunt in Southern Cebu.

1. Original Look

Before the development, the Ili Rock of Boljoon looked like this. The limestone rock which protrudes towards the sea and around which the corniche was built, is often lovingly referred to as the Southern Bend.

2. Controversy

There was a bit of a controversy when the clearing and carving activities were first started. People began protesting heavily, especially on Facebook and Twitter, against the apparent ‘destruction’ of this beautiful natural gem.

3. Ongoing Work

Although the Ili Rock Viewing Deck is already open to the public, the development is still a work in progress. The top part of the development is still being completed. And the second level parking space is still being finished.

4. Multiple Levels

Since the cliff face is steep, the climb to the top is divided into several levels. Found on the second level is the parking space where guests can leave their cars, vans, and motorbikes.

5. On Foot

Reaching the top of the viewing deck requires hard work. The concrete stairs have a total of 136 steps. Since vehicles are off-limits beyond the second level, guests would have to reach the top on foot.

6. No Shade

If you can’t stand too much heat or extended exposure to the sun, it is best to keep yourself protected before even attempting to reach the top. The viewing deck doesn’t have any trees or structures so it is wise to bring an umbrella, a hat, or a piece of cloth.

7. First Viewing Deck

The first viewing deck is around 50 meters from the main road. It is here where a rappelling board can be found. The rappelling board lets extreme adventurers and adrenaline junkies rappel down the launch pad towards the highway below. A souvenir shop and a coffee shop will also soon rise in this area.

8. Second Viewing Deck

The second flight of concrete stairs will take visitors to the second and main viewing deck. According to this report, a Virgin Mary shrine as well as a lighthouse might soon be constructed on this level.

9. Amazing View

The two viewing levels give guests and tourists a jaw-droppingly gorgeous view of the poblacion, the big blue sea, and the neighboring islands of Siquijor and Bohol.

10. Big Empty Space

According to reports, the main view deck will soon have telescopes facing the sea. A zip-line will also be put in place which would let adventurers zip from the mountain top down to the town plaza below.


Ili Rock as seen from the town plaza

Boljoon’s own church and seaside houses as seen from the first level.

View of the tourist parking area on the 2nd level.!

The beautiful town church of Boljoon.

What do you think about this newest tourist attraction in Boljoon, Cebu? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. jm says:

    WTF way to ruin this natural beauty. and another zipline? so tacky and unimaginative. The allure of this place is the town itself, this town can has so much potential to be a tourist hotspot.

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