Arthaland: Advancing Net Zero in Cebu with Lucima and Cebu Exchange

Arthaland on April 22, 2022, celebrated two milestones: the completion of Cebu Exchange and the unveiling of the model units for residential condominium Lucima.

Aptly called Advancing Net Zero Cebu, the company’s very first face-to-face media event focused on Lucima and Cebu Exchange – two of the country’s most cutting edge sustainable buildings and the latest addition to Cebu City‘s ever-changing skyline.

Arthaland: Advancing Net Zero in Cebu

One of Arthaland’s main thrusts has always been to advance Net Zero in Cebu. And after the onslaught of Super Typhoon Odette left thousands picking up the pieces and starting from scratch, this commitment is now front and center to ensure that Cebuanos become as resilient as they can in the coming years.

To prove its commitment to this cause, Arthaland has become the first property developer in Asia to be a signatory to the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment in 2020. This means that 100% of their projects are registered and are on track for net-zero carbon certification. – a true manifestation of their leadership in the decarbonization of the building and construction industry.

Post-Typhoon Odette- “Dasig Cebu” Efforts of Arthaland

ARTHALAND believes that the benefits of green buildings will not only be for its residents and occupants but also extends to the community. As an advocate for sustainability, they hope that more people will live sustainably so they can help mitigate the impact of future calamities.

Early this year, they worked with various channels to be of assistance in providing food and other necessities to the disadvantaged communities in the city which were severely impacted by the typhoon. On the island of Olango, the company donated food and drinking water to fishermen and their families and we provided solar-powered portable lamps and chargers. In the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu-Lapu, as well as in the municipality of Liloan, they partnered with the Metropolitan Cebu Water District and delivered potable water to around 2,000households in dire need of water.

The company also worked closely with UnionBank to ensure the continuous operations of their newly opened first fully-digital bank located on the ground floor of Cebu Exchange, allowing the Bank to dispense much-needed cash via its ATM machines and its tellers. For some time, the Bank was the only one doing so, resulting in long but orderly queues along Salinas Drive entering the branch.

In the case of Cebu Exchange, they experienced minor damage to some glass windows, particularly on the upper floors which were still under construction due to strong winds and flying debris. The building’s structure remained unaffected and sound, demonstrating the structural integrity of Cebu Exchange.

Cebu Exchange by Arthaland

With over 11 hectares of gross floor area and 5 stories of premier retail space, Cebu Exchange is the largest office development vying for net-zero certification. It is designed and built to withstand natural calamities. The decarbonization of its operational energy is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions, equivalent to planting and growing 1 million trees over a 10-year period. The construction of the Cebu Exchange is now virtually completed. The on-time handover of units to buyers, concurrent with our pre-pandemic schedule, reflects our commitment to our stakeholders and investors. The positive feedback we have received from the unit owners has been most gratifying.

Building Features of Cebu Exchange

General Building FeaturesLarge floor plates of up to 5,150 sq.m
Maximized column spans for efficient floor layouts
Flexible unit cut-ups 4-meter Floor-to-floor height
VRF air-conditioning systems
Provisions for individual metering
Low-emitting building materials
Low voltage lighting
Water-saving plumbing systems
Water recycling system
Low-Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicles (LEFEV) Parking
Telecommunications redundancy and fiber optic pathways
100% Back-up and emergency power
Sophisticated fire detection and alarm system or FDAS
Intelligent building energy management system
20 Full Destination Control Elevators PWD-friendly
Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
Building Management System (BMS) for Common AreasControl and monitoring of ventilation system
Control and monitoring of pumps
Monitoring of tanks (water, fuel)
Monitoring of other mechanical systems
(fuel oil system, LPG leak detection).
Fire and lift safety equipment interface with fire detection and alarm system
Generator set interface
Security and Maintenance Features by EmeraProperty management
24-hour security and building maintenance
Proximity card and turnstiles
Integrated CCTV camera security
Centralized sanitary disposal system
Sewage treatment plant
Building maintenance unit
Fire and Safety FeaturesFully addressable fire detection and alarm system
Automatic fire sprinkler system
Three fire exit stairways in above-ground floors
Convenience and Efficiency FeaturesWater reservoir and separate fire reserves
Provisioned for VRFair-conditioning
Fiber-optic pathways for high-speed data
Telecommunications redundancy
Energy monitoring systems
Automatic standby generator system
(100% backup power)
Separate retail parking in B1
Full destination floor reservation
PWD access in all common areas
Next-General Office Technologies
Low Operational CostsEnergy-efficient building design
Energy-efficient air conditioning
Low voltage lighting
Double glazed glass windows
Low-flow fixtures
Rainwater water recycling
Automatic standby generator
100% back up power
N+1 electrical redundancv
Uninterrupted Power SupplyAutomatic standby generator
100% back up power
N+1 electrical redundancy
World-Class ConnectivityFiber optic pathways
Multiple provisions for different internet providers
24/7 Building ServicesSmart Building Management System (BMS)
Property Management
Atleast 40% savings on electrical bills
At least 40% savings on water bills
Multiple tiers of power resilience
for guaranteed business continuity
Multiple tiers of power resilience
for guaranteed business continuity
High-speed data and communication connectivity
Option to subscribe to multiple internet providers to avoid disruptions
Ensures everything works efficiently at all times
Prestige service and solutions that add value to your property
Covers: General Building Management, Security, Admin, Maintenance,
Leasing, Guest Management, and Sustainability-related Services
Safequards building occupants from fire or electrical hazards
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Touchless FeaturesRFID technology
20 high-speed RFID elevators with full destination control
Virtual concieroe
Touchless water fixtures
Sustainability and WellnessMERV 13 air filtration systems
Green open spaces
Touchless features
Bicycle racks
Double glaze glass
Net Zero building by 2030
Tracks and monitors entry
and exit of occupants and guests
Hassle-free elevator navigation;
avoids overcrowding and lessens waiting times at elevator lobbies
Lessen human exposure while maintaining personal interactions
Lessen surface exposure in common areas
Filters and cleans air within the building
Healthier environment and increases productivity
Lessens surface contact in common areas
Encourage mobility among occupants and lessens vehicular gas emissions
Dissipates heat for comfortable work environment
Minimize operation costs, reduce carbon emissions


Lucima is Arthaland’s flagship residential condominium in the Queen City, envisioned to be the first quadruple-certified high-rise residential development in the country. It has earned precertification for LEED® Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is vying for WELL™, EDGE®, and BERDE certifications.

The building foundation has been completed and basement 2 structural works are ongoing.

The company is proud to announce that it is also the first high-rise residential project vying for IFC’s EDGE Zero Carbon certification in the Southern Philippines, reflecting its commitment to raising the standards of residential developments. The journey to net-zero bridges the gap between a sustainable future and their most concrete contribution to today’s global call for climate action. The company believes that the best way to realize tomorrow is by building it today.

Features of Lucima

SustainabilityPre-certified LEED Gold, vying for EDGE and BERDE certifications
Potager Garden at Lucima to increase the supply of fresh, nutritious, and organic produce for residents
Efficient building envelope to ensure that you have a cooler temperature inside your home all year round
Double glazed facade, energy-efficient air-conditioning and lighting system to lower your energy consumption resulting in
at least 40% savings on your electricity bills
Low-flow plumbing fixtures to lessen your water consumption and achieve at least 20% savings on your water bill
Home to endemic and endangered vegetation to promote vibrant biodiversity
Rainwater management to collect and store rainwater as an alternative source for watering plants
Bicycle facilities with racks and repair stations to promote convenient and healthier means of transportation
WellnessMing for WELL certification
Single tower design ensures a healthy and low-density living environment
24/7 semi-autonomous surveillance robots that promote a safer, contactless environment
Equipped with Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)* to improve indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, filtered air while
controlling the humidity for thermal comfort
Equipped with Carbon Monoxide monitors to keep track of pollutants for safe and healthy indoor air
Airtight units prevent sound and odor transmission between spaces, promoting better acoustic and indoor air quality
The main door is designed to prevent unwanted dust, air, and odor transmission between spaces
Optimized natural daylight for better views and much needed Vitamin D
Air purifiers with patented technology remove up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses in all common areas
Bathrooms are equipped with smart exhaust to expel excess moisture, reducing the risk
of respiratory health issues
Low-emitting and non-toxic building materials to reduce the risk of exposure to toxic compounds
A thermal camera and virtual concierge in the main lobby minimize the risk of virus transmission
The ERV is equipped with highly efficient air filters, the same grade used for laboratories, to prevent harmful microbes and pathogens from entering the space.
LuxuryTimeless and high-quality architecture
Designed by one of the top European architects, Saraiva+Associados
Well-thought-out floor layouts and space plan Comfortable tropical motif




ARTHALAND is the only real estate developer in the Philippines with a portfolio that is 100% certified as sustainable, recognized by both local and global organizations for its focus on sustainability, wellness, high quality, and superior design.

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    […] ARTHALAND‘s 37-storey condominium development LUCIMA has been topped off just 15 months after it broke ground. This means the project is on track for its on-time delivery by September 2024. The special event, attended by partners, members of the local media, friends, family, and stakeholders was held on the 6th floor of the development. […]

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