7 Reasons that Make El Mar Resort the Ultimate Beach Destination in Cebu

With local restrictions relaxing and borders opening up, the Cebuanos are now once again on the lookout for exciting and unique spots and destinations. Indeed, the quest for what’s hot and amazing never ends. And it is for this exact reason that we at TheCebuano are also constantly keeping an eye out for travel and lifestyle spots that truly appeal to the discrimating taste of the Sugbuanons.

For the month of October, TheCebuano Features presents El Mar Resort Cebu – a massive private beach property unlike any other. It has everything that you could ever want in a resort. And more! Read on as we list down 7 great reasons to just drop everything and book a room (or two) at El Mar Resort Cebu!

El Mar Resort Cebu

El Mar Resort Cebu is a luxury resort that sits at the heart of a massive coastal property in Northern Cebu. Located in both the towns of Sogod and Borbon, this sprawling property has lush forests, rocky cliff faces, rolling hills, white-sand beaches, and at least 17 coves – only two of which have been developed.

The property is now home to two dining destinations, suites and villas, and vast well-manicured spaces ideal for destination weddings, special events, and private retreats.

It is a Short Drive from the City

The town of Sogod is less than 70 kilometers from Cebu City. This means that you would only have to travel for around 2 hours to get to the resort. And considering how picturesque the scene is along the way – with corniches and fields of green and coastal roads, you wouldn’t even notice how quick the transfer can be.

The Beaches at El Mar Resort

The number one thing that you would consider when choosing a good resort is the beach. And at El Mar, we’re sure that you’d be sold the moment you set your eyes on the two coves that are now open to the public. El Mar’s powdery white shores are perfect for those long early morning or late night strolls. It’s also great for aquatic adventures with family and friends, or a day with people who matter during an intimate celebration.

Peace and Privacy that You Deserve

At El Mar, privacy and security are top priority. Aside from the big open spaces that separate the private areas from those that can be accessed by visitors, the rooms are also perched on top of a hill where they are securely hidden from view by thick foliage. Exploring the property is also quick and easy as service carts are available to take you wherever you want to go.

Culinary Wonders of El Mar Resort

El Mar’s two dining outlets – Sunrise Pavillion and La Playa Bar and Cafe – offer a smorgasbord of some of the most delicious dishes you can get your hands on this side of the island. The sun-shiny Sunshine Pavillion offers a wide selection of Filipino and Mediterranean dishes that are sure to satisfy. At La Playa, expect a reimagined and elevated version of your favorite Filipino dishes. Don’t miss the flavourful dinuldog or the danggit with bacon!

Plenty of Things to See and Do at El Mar Resort

If you’re the type that gets bored easily, El Mar has a long list of activities set aside exclusively for their guests. Aside from the various water sport activities offered at the resort like kayaking, banana boat rides, and jet skiing, El Mar also has provisions for bonfires for smores night, trails for short treks and adventures, loungers for both day-time relaxation and night-time stargazing and a whole lot more!

El Mar Resort is Home Away from Home

El Mar’s rooms, villas, and suites are carefully designed to ensure that guests enjoy the comfort and relaxation that they need and deserve. Each unit is equipped with all the essentials that are guaranteed to make your stay truly one for the books. The suites, for example, have resting nooks, bathtubs, work desks, and even a private garden. The villas, on the other hand, have exclusive swimming pools, entertainment rooms, sports rooms, and even a gazebo for outdoor activities.

It’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Although El Mar is already a full-service resort, it is important to note that the already long list of amenities and services that they offer will continue to grow in the coming months and years. Soon, the resort will look into the possibility of developing and opening the other coves, constructing more villas and suites, and even the restoration of a hilltop structure to turn it into a fine-dining restaurant.

To know more about El Mar Resort Cebu, call Reception directly at (032) 520-4811. You may also contact Reservations for booking and reservations. Please note that the Reservations office is open only from Mondays thru Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

El Mar Resort Cebu

Reservations Office: (032) 520-4787
Email: reservations@elmarresort.com

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