ARTHALAND’S Lucima Topped Off Just 15 Months After Breaking Ground

ARTHALAND‘s 37-storey condominium development LUCIMA has been topped off just 15 months after it broke ground. This means the project is on track for its on-time delivery by September 2024. The special event, attended by partners, members of the local media, friends, family, and stakeholders was held on the 6th floor of the development.

Topping Off Ceremony

During the event, the team lit up the tower’s scale model. It symbolized the start of the development’s completion.

Then, after the event, Lucima’s core team met with members of the media for a roundtable at Seda Hotel. The roundtable gave guests a chance to fully understand the purpose, impact, and value of the high-rise development to Cebu and the entire country.


Lucima is a venture created in partnership with ARCH Capital in Cebu Business Park. It sits on 2,245 square meters of prime real estate at the corner of Cardinal Rosales Avenue and Samar Loop. Lucima is designed to be the first quadruple-certified sustainable high-rise residential condominium in the country. In fact, the project is one of the Philippines’s forerunners when it comes to the development of green buildings. Additionally, it has earned precertification for LEED® Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is vying for WELL™, EDGE®, and BERDE certifications.

The condominium showcases an array of sustainable features that enhance energy and water efficiency. These features reduce environmental impact while benefiting its residents. These features include a Potager Garden that provides residents with fresh, organic, and nutritious produce at their doorstep; low-flow plumbing features that achieve a minimum of 20% savings in water consumption; and energy-efficient air-conditioning and lighting systems that can reduce electricity bills by up to 40%.

The core of Lucima’s design is wellness. As such, the project ensures residents experience the utmost comfort of a healthy living environment. For example, the development’s air-tight design curbs the transmission of dust, sound, and odor between spaces. This promotes superior acoustic performance and indoor air quality. In addition, each unit boasts an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). This enhances indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, filtered air while maintaining humidity for thermal comfort. The ERV is equipped with highly efficient air filters, effectively warding off harmful microbes and pathogens. Finally, a Carbon Monoxide Monitor enhances residents’ safety by constantly monitoring pollutant levels in indoor air.

The New Standard

According to Oliver L. Chan, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of ARTHALAND, Lucima’s sustainable and wellness features are pretty significant. “Lucima sets a new standard in sustainable and wellness living. In fact, by infusing these principles into our design and construction, we provide residents with a home that enhances their well-being while contributing to a greener future. Moreover, we take pride in creating a lifestyle that surpasses expectations and upholds our commitment to sustainability,” he said.

Features of Lucima

SustainabilityPre-certified LEED Gold, vying for EDGE and BERDE certifications
Potager Garden
Efficient building envelope
Double-glazed facade, energy-efficient air-conditioning, and lighting system
Low-flow plumbing fixtures
Home to endemic and endangered vegetation
Rainwater management
Bicycle facilities with racks and repair stations
WellnessTimeless and high-quality architecture
Designed by one of the top European architects, Saraiva+Associados
Well-thought-out floor layouts and space plans Comfortable tropical motif
LuxuryTimeless and high-quality architecture
Designed by one of the top European architects, Saraiva+Associados
Well-thought-out floor layouts and space plan
Comfortable tropical motif


ARTHALAND is the only real estate developer in the Philippines with a portfolio that is 100% certified as sustainable. This is recognized by both local and global organizations for its focus on sustainability, wellness, high quality, and superior design.

Arthaland is committed to this cause. In fact, Arthaland has become the first property developer in Asia to be a signatory to the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment in 2020. This means that 100% of their projects are registered and are on track for net-zero carbon certification. This is a true manifestation of their leadership in the decarbonization of the building and construction industry.

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