10 Cool Cebu City Destinations for Nature Lovers

Thinking of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle but don’t have time for long travels? Today is your lucky day! TheCebuano presents 10 amazing destinations within Cebu City that feature the change of scenery that you need and deserve right this very minute. If you’re a lover of nature and anything that’s clean and fun, read on!

1. Kabang Falls

Located in Barangay Budlaan (15 minutes from Talamban), Kabang Falls can be reached after a full hour of river crossings and treks through lush greens.

2. Pedro Calungsod Peak

Located in Barangay Sirao (and just 5 minutes from Ayala Heights,) the Sirao Peak, also popularly known as San Pedro Calungsod Peak, offers a stunning view of the metro. It’s perfect for camping, too!

3. Buhisan Watershed

Learn about biodiversity and the importance of conservation by experiencing it first-hand. Schedule a visit to the Buhisan Watershed in Barangay Buhisan today! It’s only 30 minutes from Barangay Labangon, too!

4. Lanipao Rainforest Resort

Enjoy a full day of rest and recreation with family and friends in a mountain resort in Sitio Lanipao in Barangay Sapangdaku. Just 15 minutes from Barangay Guadalupe, Lanipao is a quiet little paradise that will surely recharge and re-energize you.

5. Sudlon Flower Fields

Want to feast your eyes on lovely blooms or buy a big bouquet for your special someone? Visit the breath-taking flower fields of Barangay Sudlon and enjoy bargain discounts on some of the farms’ most popular varieties.

6. Busay Falls

photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog

Are you a little adventurous? Check out the lovely waterfall in Barangay Busay. This very gorgeous waterfall is visible from the main road, too!

7.  Sirao Celosia Farms

photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog

Visit Cebu’s very own Amsterdam and enjoy lovely, quiet strolls through the Sinulog flower farms of Barangay Sirao in the mountains of Cebu City.

8. Cebu City Zoo (Update: Closed)

photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog

Meet some of Cebu City’s most popular reptiles at the Cebu City Zoo in Oppra in Barangay Kalunasan. And if you’re brave enough, you can even let these popular pythons give you a massage.

9. Mountain View Nature Park

Enjoy a lovely early morning swim or walk through the lovely themed gardens of Mountain View Nature Park in Barangay Busay. The park also offers an amazing view of Cebu City and its ever-changing skyline.

10. Mangasang Falls

photo from MyCebuPhotoBlog

Want to do something really exciting? Visit Barangay Tagbao and enjoy a 30-minute river trek that leads you to the barangay’s hidden gem – the captivating Mangasang Falls.

How many of these spots have you visited? How many of these beautiful spots do you plan to visit this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great collection of destinations! We haven’t been to some of these even though we’re from Cebu.

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