Congresswoman Paz Radaza Distributes Wheelchairs and Supplies in Olango Island

Congresswoman Paz Radaza of the Lone District of Lapu-Lapu City was recently on the island of Olango for a special mission. Together with her team, the congresswoman visited several Olango Island residents and distributed protective gear, supplies, and some much-needed wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs for PWD Children

Among those who were visited by the representative was 16-year-old Jendy Mae Baguio of Sitio Kalipay in Barangay Sabang. Jendy was born with cerebral palsy.

Each day, she sits on a make-shift wooden chair made by her father outside their house. Jendy’s parents dream of one day buying her a wheelchair.

However, their meager income prevents them from turning this dream into a reality. Jendy’s mother is a fish vendor while her father is a fisherman.

The congresswoman visited next the residence of 11-year-old Anthony Canete in Sitio Suba.

Like Jendy, Anthony has cerebral palsy. However, while Jendy was born with the ailment, Anthony didn’t show signs when he was born.

According to his mother, Anthony’s condition turned for the worst when he got sick when he turned a year old.

Boat Capsizing Survivor

Congresswoman Paz Radaza’s next stop was the residence of 72-year-old Lucy Aparece in Barangay Sabang. Lucy Aparece was a survivor of a recent accident which almost cost her her life and the life of her loved ones. On her way back to Olango Island, her family-owned boat capsized off the coast of Bohol.

With her during the trip was her 71-year-old husband Rogelio and their two grandchildren Gian aged 6 and Ricky aged 13. The family was in the water for more than 10 hours before they were picked up by a passing tour boat.

Locally Stranded Individual

The congresswoman made another stop in Barangay Sabang. This time, it was to visit the residence of 22-year-old Marvin Martinito. Marvin was a Locally Stranded Individual in Caloocan City (LSI) who ended up in the care of the LGU during the lockdown. Prior to this, Marvin worked as a construction worker, store attendant, and vendor. He was in Caloocan City when the lockdowns were put in place. Caloocan City Mayor Oca Malapitan gladly took him in along with other street dwellers. They were housed at a campsite that the city government ran.

During his stay at the camp, he helped take care of other camp residents. He assisted those who needed special attention like children, senior citizens, and persons with disability.

Eventually, the office of the Caloocan City Mayor contacted the office of Congresswoman Paz Radaza and they succeeded in bringing him back home to Olango Island.

Congresswoman Paz Radaza’s Ongoing Projects

According to Congresswoman Paz Radaza, despite the limitations, her team has been very active. They are identifying individuals within the district that needed immediate help and attention. In fact, her recent visit was part of an ongoing project to look into the needs of the communities in Lapu-Lapu City.

The congresswoman also wanted to show everyone that Lapu-Lapu City was now ready to receive both domestic and foreign visitors. With strict health protocols in place, tourists no longer have to worry about their safety.

Also, according to the representative, tourism is important to the life, culture, and progress of Lapu-Lapu. For this reason, her office is also now actively thinking of ways to help boost the economy. One of them is by doing projects that encourage tourists to visit the district once again.

Watch this video of Congresswoman Paz Radaza’s Olango Island visit.

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