25 Unforgettable Bisaya Songs That Rocked the Local Music Scene

Every once in a while, you hear that Bisaya song with a catchy beat paired with some really crazy lyrics. At first, you laugh at how seemingly preposterous it is, and maybe swear that you will never listen to it ever again. And all of a sudden, you realize that the song is stuck in your head. And before you could even realize, you’re saying to yourself, “Who in the world is the genius who sang this amazing song? I need more Bisaya songs like this!”

Today, TheCebuano gives you the lowdown on some of the most memorable Bisaya hits that graced our local airwaves, gained widespread attention, and helped pave the way for new artists to be recognized. Here are some of the most recognizable Bisaya songs that made us say, “Proud Bisdak!”

1. Solid ug Lawas

Artist: Smooth Friction

What’s it about?: A man laments his defeat as the love of his life prefers the household help with a rock-solid, super-fit body. It’s every underdog’s anthem. And who doesn’t love underdogs? Or Bisaya songs about them, for that matter?

2. Balay ni Mayang

Artist: Martina Sandiego and Kyle Wong

What’s it about?: Asking a loved one to come visit because you terribly want to spend time with him. Basically Netflix and chill. Only more romantic. And, of course, in Bisaya.

3. Pero Atik Ra

Artist: Jacqueline Chang

What’s it about?: One of the most popular Bisaya songs in recent years, Pero Atik Ra is all about finally deciding to let go of someone who doesn’t deserve your love. Then, realizing later on that you’re not strong enough to do it.

4. Sine-Sine

Artist: Missing Filemon

What’s it about?: Journey down memory lane with one of Missing Filemon’s most memorable Bisaya songs about life, love, and how time stops for no one.


5. Palagot sa Kontra

Artist: Phylum

What’s it about?: A man berates an ex-flame for flirting with him and trying to rekindle their old romance after breaking up with him.

6. Dili Tanan

Artist: Rommel Tuico

What’s it about?: Who could ever forget this timeless island jam that pokes fun at how some things are usually not as awesome as they seem?


7. Senior Citizen

Artist: Aggressive Audio

What’s it about?: A fun (and funny) study of the elderly and their unending (and sometimes hilarious) quest to stay in shape and stay in style.

8. Mabdos

Artist: The Assembly Language

What’s it about?: The songs talks about the perils of unwanted/teenage pregnancy and how it affects not only the pregnant woman but also everyone around her.

9. Baboy

Artist: Enchi

What’s it about?: Probably the most absurd song you’ll hear in a while, Baboy talks about how to properly treat your pet swine. And the second verse is in English, too!

10. Gikumot-Kumot

Artist: Kantin

What’s it about?: This viral hit utilizes wordplay to talk about promises, lost loves, and the pain that remains after everything has been said and done.

11. Dodong Charing

Artist: 1017

What’s it about?: Remember the mIRC days when people do the ‘eyeball’ or meet-up after a quick chat online? This song literally sums up what every duped dude feels when he finds out that he’s actually been flirting with another man.

12. Ako si M16

Artist: Junior Kilat

What’s it about?: A witty and funny take on gun control and gun culture and just how easy it is to acquire small arms and armed weapons.

13. Hahahahasula

Artist: Kurt Fick

What’s it about?: The song is all about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Plus, of course, all the other drama that comes with it.

14. Liar Evil

Artist: Aggressive Audio

What’s it about?: Considered one of the most recognizable Bisaya songs, Liar Evil is pretty straight-forward. It’s basically about lying, cheating, and just not being truthful in general.


15. Sigbin

Artist: Junior Kilat

What’s it about?: “Sigbin” talks about the sigbin – a mythical being from the Philippine folklore that shows up in the middle of the night and munches on pumpkin and charcoal.


16. Gi-Finger

Artist: Kantin

What’s it about?: The title may seem a bit offensive. But rest assured that the song is actually just about a guy being embarrassed for not having enough cutlery while hosting a fiesta celebration and resorting to asking the guests to eat using their fingers instead.

17. Suroy-Suroy

Artist: Missing Filemon

What’s it about?: This iconic Cebuano classic talks about the local colors that make Cebu one of a kind. Also included are the harsh realities of life in this bustling city that we all call home.

18. Lingin

Artist: Aggressive Audio

What’s it about?: Basically just about a guy who’s saying that everything he owns is round. Of course, some people are saying that there is a much deeper meaning. Go ahead and give it a listen and tell us what you think.

19. Papictura Ko Nimo Gwapo

Artist: Marie Salvalleon

What’s it about?: A song about a girl’s desire to have a photo with her ultimate crush. She’s not asking much. All she wants is a quick selfie with the man of her dreams.


20. Englishera

Artist: Missing Filemon

What’s it about?: Another Missing Filemon hit that talks about the travails of dating someone who looks down on the local language and prefers all things ‘English’ instead.

21. Bisan Pa

Artist: Phylum

What’s it about?: The song Bisan Pa talks about that lost love and how moving on can be the most difficult and painful thing to do.

22. Prinsipal

Artist: Missing Filemon

What’s it about?: A student talks about this dreams and aspirations (to become a movie star) and discusses the current situation that he wants to run away from.

23. First Timer (Mag Kayak)

Artist: Aggressive Audio

What’s it about?: The song talks about the perils of going all out in any type of sport. For this one, it’s kayaking. But, of course, we all know what this song is actually about.


24. Labyu Langga

Artist: Jerika Teodorico

What’s it about?: Expressing one’s love in the quirkiest, cutest way. This Bisaya song is so cute and chill even Kim Chiu herself ended up singing it.

25. (Ulipon sa) Gugmang Giatay

Artist: The Ambassadors

What’s it about?: A deeper, more somber look at love and emotions and why being under their spell can be such a terrible, terrible idea.


Which of these Bisaya songs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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