Cash Agad and the Importance of Financial Inclusion

Do you want to check your balance or withdraw some cash but the ATM machine is miles away? Cash Agad is for you!

Staying true to its mission, BDO, the largest bank in the Philippines, has developed Cash Agad – a creatively innovative product designed to make the lives of their customers better and easier.

What is Cash Agad?

Cash Agad is a special service provided by BDO Unibank. It is designed to cater to the needs of unbanked and financially underserved communities. The service aims to bridge the gap in terms of financial inclusion by giving these communities access to the same services that those in the cities enjoy.

Cash Agad Partners: From Shops to ATMs

At the center of the service is a network of more than 8,000 partner agents. This group is made up of small to medium business owners from different parts of the country. As a partner, they help provide access to cash especially in areas like mountain barangays or islands.

Cash Agad Partners are selected based on the role that they play in the community. Usually, partner agents are tapped for the following reasons:

  • They are part of the community
  • Their establishments are close to the community
  • People trust them when in comes to money-related transactions

Once a partner agent is approved, he or she will get a Point-of-Sales (POS) terminal which accepts transactions using ANY ATM (debit or credit) card issued in the Philippines. With this system, people no longer have to travel very far (and spend) just to check their ATM balance or withdraw money.

Cash Agad: Helping Communities During the Pandemic

The Cash Agad service is convenient because it can operate even beyond banking hours. As long as the store/shop is still open, the service can be offered to those who need it. The service has truly made banking more convenient.

During the different lockdowns put in place due to the pandemic, the service proved to be very helpful. Since travel was restricted, people didn’t have to worry about not being able to cross borders just to visit an ATM machine. Instead, they just visited the partner agents in their community to check their balance, withdraw cash, or even receive remittances.

Additionally, a few local government units even depended on the system to help deliver financial aid to those in need. In fact, some 4Ps beneficiaries were able to withdraw their monthly cash assistance using the service.

Aside from helping customers, the system has also helped partner agents grow their businesses. According to Lorna Taruc of Jan Pau Convenience Store in San Simon, Pampanga, “It’s more convenient and easier for people here to go to my store and withdraw their cash. They no longer need to travel so far. Especially during the lockdown when it was so difficult to find public transportation. Apart from this, I had more customers buying from my store.”

Roselyn Abela of Pitogo, Bohol, on the other hand, said that the service was very useful during the quarantine period. She said, “When the community quarantine was imposed, people were thankful that I have Cash Agad at my store. They withdraw their cash here and then afterward, they buy some of the essentials they need at home. That’s why my sales at the store also increased.”

Be a Partner Agent

To know more about BDO’s Cash Agad or how to become a partner, visit the official website You may also send an email to

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