Assemblage Art Festival: A Celebration of Cebuano Talent and Artistry

Robinsons Galleria Cebu has partnered with Stylefirm Cebu Fashion & Lifestyle and Draft Groupe to come up with the Assemblage Art Festival. The Assemblage Art Festival is a month-long celebration of Cebuano talent and artistry. Moreover, it was put together to coincide with the National Arts Month. The event aims to put the spotlight on the treasure trove of local artists and talents in Cebu and gives them the recognition that they deserve.

Some of the highlights of Assemblage include the Draft Academy Painting Competition and the Art of Film by the Film & Media Arts International Academy. The event also featured the Wearable Art Design Competition, Alazas x Virtucio Fashion Show, a performance by Route 83, the Maquillage Masters, and a whole lot more!

An art exhibit is located on the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria Cebu. It is open to the public until the end of February.

One of the highlights of the whole activity is the Wearable Art competition. 6 budding fashion designers went head to head to win the title. Their task was to create clothes from recycled materials. In the end, this year’s winner was Sarah Tutor.

Later, electronic pop duo Route 83 entertained the crowd with their unique vibe and interesting originals.

Then, it was time for the fashion show featuring creations from the collaboration of Dexter Alazas and Christine Virtucio. The theme of their collection was ‘sustainable resort wear.’

Also, the two winners of the FLURAL competition were announced at the end of the fashion show. Flural comes from the words floor and mural. Furthermore, the two winners were chosen for their great artistry and imagination in creating a wonderful floor art.

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