10 Cebu Vines Guaranteed to Make you Laugh

If you’re always on Facebook, there’s a big chance that you’ve come across the word ‘vine’ more than once. Nope, we’re not going to talk about trailing plants here. For the uninitiated, Vine is a free short-form video sharing app. Originally released as a free application for iOS devices, Vine later became available for download for Android devices.

Now, how exactly does Vine work? The application lets users create 6-7-second videos and share them to followers and connections. Once a vine (video) is uploaded, other users can Like, leave Comments, or Revine (share) the video.  As expected, the trend of posting short but very interesting/witty/funny videos quickly caught on. Over time, people began referring to micro-videos as ‘vines’ even if these videos were not created and posted using the application.

In the Philippines, Cebu Viners have gained a huge following and the videos that they produce are both very popular and well-liked. In fact, some of the most Liked or Revined Filipino Vines are produced by Cebuanos.

To fully understand why Cebu Viners are totally rocking the local Vining scene, here are 10 Cebu Vines that are guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor.

10. Bad Dream by Bisaya ni Vines

9. Your Mom as your Passenger by Dave Quirante


8. Morning Problem by Jigz Dinolan


7. Prayer Before Meals by Paulinho Isidoro


6. Be Right There by Dave Quirante


5. Nothing is Forever by Ato Ni Vines


4. Englishero Basurero by 3rdworldprobLEYms


3. Hangol Friends by Ato Ni Vines


2. The Math Dance by 3rdworldprobLEYms


1. Wet Paper by Jigz Dinolan

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