9 Famous Cebu Food Stops You Shouldn’t Miss

If you love road trips but hate spending long hours on the road, the best thing to do is to take a lot of quick stops. You have to understand, however, that the best stops are not only those that give you a chance to stretch and relax but also those that allow you to sample great-tasting food.

The next time you’re on the road, be sure to check out these 9 wonderful, must-visit food stops in Cebu.

1. Carcar Rotunda

Famous for: Chicharon, Ampao
City/Town: Carcar City
Also Sells: Bucarillo

Carcar City’s histor roundabout is surrounded by small pasalubong shops that sell some of the city’s best-tasting treats. Be sure to stop by to taste freshly-made chicharon, ampao, bucarillo, and many more!

2. Mantalongon, Barili

Famous for: Bingka
City/Town: Barili
Barangay: Mantalongon

As soon as you reach the town of Barili, keep an eye out for rows of road-side kiosks that sell freshly-cooked bibingka. If you can smell the distinct aroma of bingka and burnt banana leaves, you’re almost there.

3. Molave Milk Station

Famous for: Fresh Milk
City/Town: Barili
Barangay: Dakit
Also Sells: Ice Cream, Full Meals

The Molave Milk Station in Barangay Dakit is hard to miss. If you’re in the mood for some fresh milk and ice cream, this small road-side property is definitely a must-visit.

4. Lugo

Famous for: Budbud
City/Town: Borbon
Barangay: Lugo
Also Sells: Boiled Eggs, Peanuts

The church of Lugo in Borbon town is one of the most popular stops along the North National Road. Stop in front of one of the road-side kiosks near the church and taste the town’s ever-popular Budbud Kabog.

5. Duko-Duko Eatery

Famous for: Pochero
City/Town: Catmon
Barangay: Macaas
Also Sells: Calderita, Native Chicken

If you enjoy full, hearty meals when you travel, the Duko Duko Eatery of Catmon is not to be missed. The small restaurant in the quiet little barangay of Macaas sells pochero, tinolang manok, calderita, and other local favorites.

6. Chitang’s

Famous for: Torta
City/Town: Argao
Barangay: Poblacion
Also Sells: Browas, Polvoron, Podreda

Tired from all the swimming and waterfall-chasing? Drop by Chitang’s little store near the Argao town church on your way home and try the best-tasting torta in Cebu. You can also try their browas, polvoron, podreda, and tableya!

7. Cantipla, Tabunan

Famous for: Sweet Corn
City/Town: Cebu City
Barangay: Tabunan
Also Sells: Fresh fruits and veggies, flowers

If you’re on your way to Balamban or other nearby towns, be sure to stop by one of the numerous road-side fruit and vegetables stands in Cantipla, Barangay Tabunan. These stands sell piping hot sweet corn, newly-picked fruits and veggies, and even freshly-cut flowers.

8. Talisay City

Famous for: Lechon
City/Town: Talisay City
Barangay: Poblacion
Also Sells: Lechon Manok, Kinilaw, Camote

Want to start your road trip on a really high note? Stop by the famous public beaches in Poblacion, Talisay City, and look for the widely-popular lechon stalls. These stalls also sell other Sunday favorites like chicharon bulaklak, guso, lato, tinap-anan, and so many more.

9. Liloan

Famous for: Masi
City/Town: Liloan
Also Sells: Lechon, Grilled fish and squid

When in Liloan, be sure to make a quick stop near the municipal hall and look for a bunch of basket-lugging street vendors. The town of Liloan is famous for the sinfully delicious Masi balls which are sold at only 5 pesos per piece.

Which of these Cebu food stops is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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