Pepsi Holds Successful Taste Challenge in Cebu with SB19

SM Seaside City Cebu‘s main activity hall was filled to the rafters on February 22, 2019, as thousands flocked to the premier mall to witness a special event. The event was the local staging of the Pepsi Taste Challenge featuring top boy band SB19. The Pepsi Taste Challenge is an activity that celebrates the Pinoys’ love for cola. Additionally, the event aims to identify the cola brand that Filipinos prefer.

Pepsi Taste Challenge in SM Seaside City Cebu

Pepsi Taste the Challenge in Cebu

According to Pepsi Philippines Marketing Manager Gutzee Segura, “Filipinos have enjoyed Pepsi cola for years now. Moreover, the global success that we’ve had in various countries, as well as the overwhelming success we’ve had in Manila, makes us confident that Pepsi will be the choice of the majority of the participants of the Pepsi Taste Challenge.”

The crowd at the Pepsi Taste Challenge in SM Seaside City Cebu.

The activity is part of Pepsi Philippines’s #SundinAngPuso campaign. This campaign aims to empower the Filipino youth of today to follow their heart in doing the things they love.

Excited Cebuanos checking out the different booths in the area

To stage the Pepsi Taste Challenge, Pepsi Cola did a lot of things. First, they set up different activity booths in the main activity hall of SM Seaside City Cebu. Then, they encouraged shoppers and mallgoers to take on the challenge and be heard. Indeed, their effort was rewarded as people lined up to take part and be involved.

Mall-goers taking the Pepsi Taste Challenge

A Gathering of Stars

Also, Pepsi gathered some of the country’s biggest social media stars under one roof. Present during the event were various social media and celebrity influencers. First, they brought to the stage the popular teen idol Ricci Rivero. Then, it was Pamela Swing’s turn. Additionally, the event featured live performances from Mandaue Nights and Karencitta. Local KPOP sensation SB19 was present during the event, too!

First, Ricci Rivero played fun games with members of the audience
Similarly, online celebrity Pamela Swing took part in various games with her local fans
Ricci and Pamela pose for a photo with fans

Next, local band Mandaue Nights sang some of their most popular songs.

Afterward, Karencitta entertained the crowd with some of her hits.

Pepsi Brings SB19 to Cebu

Finally, it was time for the big treat. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement for their favorite group SB19 which was set to perform live on stage.

Finally, the popular group brought down the house with some of their most memorable singles. In return, the crowd responded with deafening screams and cheers.

Check out some videos from their performance during the event:

In the end, the event yielded a positive result. As a matter of fact, 78% of those who took the Taste Challenge ended up choosing Pepsi over the other brand.

In addition, here is a piece of exciting news for all fans in Mindanao! Pepsi will be staging another local Taste Challenge in SM Lanang Premier in Davao City on March 7, 2020. Don’t miss it!

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