Booodotz Seafood Grill: Cebu’s Best-Tasting Boodle

Boodle fight has become one of the most popular dining concepts in recent years. And who could say no to boodle fights? It’s not only cheap and fun, it is also an excellent way to bond with the people who matter.

Due to its ever-growing popularity, more and more boodle restaurants have now opened in the metro. Also, countless restaurants have now shifted their energy and focus on this fascinating dining concept.

Here in Cebu, one of the most trusted names when it comes to boodle fights is Booodotz Seafood Grill. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss out on this local culinary gem.

One good thing about Booodotz Seafood Grill is that they have boodle servings for smaller groups of people. So, even if it’s a romantic date, you can still both order a boodle tray!

This set, the Boodlelito tray, for example, costs only P269. And it’s more than enough for two people!

Boodlelito Set

This Plangganita Set is even more affordable at only P259 per serving!

And since there’s an abundant supply of scallops, these delicious cheesy baked scallops are sold at only P15 each! Nice, right?

Aside from boodle trays, Booodtoz Seafood Grill also serves sumptuous single-serving dishes.

Like this delicious Baby Back Ribs!

They even serve halo-halo and other desserts!

Booodots Seafood Grill Halo-Halo Sherbet

Now, the most important reason why you should definitely check out Booodotz Seafood Grill is that their dishes are just all-out great-tasting. Like, seriously.

Booodotz Seafood Grill is mom-approved!

Check out Booodotz Seafood Grill’s full menu below:


Boodle Sets for 1 to 3 persons
Boodle Sets for 5-6 persons
Large serving of Single must-try dishes
Booodotz Seafood Grill’s seafood selection
Healthy options at Booodotz Seafood Grill
Starters and appetizers at Booodotz Seafood Grill
Soup and Rice platter choices at Booodotz Seafood Grill
Drinks and

Booodotz Seafood Grill has two branches. They have a store in Pueblo Verde in Mactan and one in Capitol Site (Dona Mercedes Hostel, Orchid Street) near the old NBI.

To know more about Booodotz Seafood Grill, don’t forget to follow them on their official Facebook pages. Mactan Branch & Capitol Branch

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