TheCebuano in Taiwan: 10 Great Reasons to Visit Taiwan

Are you still on the fence about finally booking a flight to Taiwan this year? Not sure what to expect? Don’t know where to go, what to see, and how to do them? Well, today is your lucky day. In this edition of TheCebuano Travel Guide, we list down 10 exciting reasons why a visit to Taiwan should be sitting near the top of your bucket list.

Ready? Let’s begin!

1. No Visa Entry is Extended!

Last year, Taiwan announced that they will be extending the Visa-free access for Filipino visitors until July 31, 2019. That means you still have seven long months to plan, book, and finally travel to Taiwan. (The extension might REALLY end this July, however!) So do it now before it is too late!

2. Only Less Than Three Hours Away

photo by AirAsia

Taiwan is not very far from the Philippines. So, if you don’t enjoy long airline travels or long, energy-draining land trips, Taiwan is the best option. Travel time from Cebu to Taipei in Taiwan is only two hours and forty-five minutes! Also, you don’t have to worry about traveling to Manila just to catch a flight to Taiwan. Air Asia now offers affordable direct flights from Cebu to Taipei (and vice versa) regularly. Fly to Taipei, Taiwan via AirAsia. Book your tickets now!

3. Exciting All-In Tours

1) Taipei City Tour 2) KKDay Northern Taiwan Day Tour

Want to enjoy the company of other wide-eyed tourist? Don’t want to worry about having to book for every single destination that you want to visit? KKDay offers hassle-free all-in tour packages that are not only well-planned but are also exciting and very easy on the budget. Book your Taiwan tour via KKDay HERE today!

4. Amazing Culinary Adventures

Food Overload in Jiufen

You can never go wrong with Taiwanese cuisine. Everywhere you go, you will find exciting food junctions and restaurants that offer authentic Taiwanese favorites. If you don’t want to be too adventurous, however, you can always find familiar restaurant brands in almost every corner. There is no need to worry.

Book a Jiufen (Spirited Away) Day Tour HERE

5. Friendly Locals

Friendly locals in Shifen

If you’re not too comfortable about being in a new territory, Taiwan is a great travel destination. The Taiwanese are generally very friendly and are very willing to communicate with visitors. Just a quick lesson on how to say ‘hello,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘goodbye’ in Taiwanese and you’re ready to interact with the friendly locals.

Book a Shifen (Sky Lantern) Day Tour  HERE

6. Shop Until You Drop

Shilin Night Market

Taiwan is a shopping mecca. No matter where you go, you will always find shopping districts selling amazing finds at bargain prices. Taiwan is also home to some of the biggest high-end brands in the world. So no matter what type of shopper you are, there’s always something exciting for you to buy in Taiwan.

7. Rich Culture and History

Taipei’s top historical sites

If you’re into cultural and historical spots and sites, you will immensely enjoy Taiwan. Taiwan has a vast number of temples, palaces, museums, and structures with amazing historical and cultural significance. A good number of them can be found in Taipei (you’ll be able to visit several in just a couple of hours,) and are open to the public (with affordable entrance fees,) too!

8. Beautiful Natural Wonders

1) Plum Blossoms near SunMoon Lake  2) SunMoon Lake 3) Yehliu GeoPark

Taiwan is blessed with some of the most fascinating natural wonders in the world. From reefs to ridges, Taiwan boasts of amazing natural “wonders” which can never be found anywhere else. They have amazing natural lakes, waterfalls, rivers, rock formations, lush fields, exciting peaks, and a whole lot more!

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Book a SunMoon Lake Tour HERE

9. Amazing Man-Made Wonders

1) WenWu Temple 2) WenWu Temple 3) Taipei 101 4) Mass Damper at Taipei 101

Aside from having some of the best natural wonders in the region, Taiwan is also home to some of the world’s most amazing man-made inventions. Taiwan has the Taipei 101, a 101-storey building which holds a giant mass damper ‘ball’ which lessens the impact of violent motions caused by earthquakes or super strong winds.

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10. Great and Affordable Accommodations

FlipFlop Hostel

No matter what type of accommodation you want, Taiwan has a wide selection of hotels, hostels, motels,or transient homes where you can stay during your visit. Among budget and adventure travelers, one of the most trusted brands is the Flip Flop Hotel in Taipei. Offering clean, safe, and quality accommodations, Flip Flop is highly recommended and is considered one of the most trusted brands among travelers.

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Book a SunMoon Lake Tour HERE
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TheCebuano Travel Guide is a series on TheCebuano which focuses on travel tips, tricks, and guides aimed at making every Cebuano’s out-of-the country travels as pleasant and as hassle-free as possible. Stay tuned for more travel tips on other destinations! ?

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