Discovering New Refreshing Tea Favorites at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Last June 28, 2019, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL,) the country’s leading coffee chain, held a special event here in Cebu City. Present during this special intimate event were some of Cebu’s top local bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. During the event, CBTL introduced the colorful history of the company, its special line of tea products, and the benefits of regularly drinking tea. The fun event also gave guests a chance to ‘create’ their very own tea as well as sample some of CBTL’s refreshing recommended tea pairings.

The History of CBTL

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was founded by Herbert Hyman in 1963. The company originally began as a coffee service for offices. After discovering quality coffee in Sweden in 1966, however, Hyman decided to shift his focus. He decided to import and create gourmet coffee and finally open the first Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in LA in 1968. The brand started to build momentum, and by the 1970s, had expanded to 10 branches in Southern California. In 1996, Sassoon brothers Victor and Sunny got the Asian franchise rights and quickly brought the brand to other countries. By 1999, the brand had opened almost 30 stores in Malaysia and Singapore. At present, CBTL can be found in more than a thousand locations all over the world. It is run by more than 12,000 employees.

The Tea Plant

The tea plant is an evergreen, perennial multi-stemmed shrub. Growing up to 9 meters in height, this plant usually thrives in shaded areas with elevations of more than 2000 meters. The leaves and leaf buds of this slow-growing and hardy plant are used to produce the most consumed beverage in the world — the tea.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf began as a gourmet coffee shop. However, with the ever-increasing demand for tea, the company decided to add a wide range of exotic tea products to their menu in the 1970s.

Processing Tea

Producing tea is not an easy process. In fact, after the leaves and leaf buds are plucked from the tea plant, they still go through several processes until they are finally ready for consumption. Here are the five essential steps in creating tea:

  • Plucking

The first step in Tea Processing is Plucking. Tea plant leaves and leaf buds are plucked very early in the morning to capture the morning dew. Only the top quality leaves and leaf buds are picked to be included in the processing.

  • Withering

After the leaves and leaf buds are plucked from the tea plants in the field, they are taken indoors where they are withered. Withering involves the bruising of the edges of the leaves to create contacting surface which aids in the oxidation of the tea. To bruise the leaves, they are gently and systematically tossed.

  • Rolling

Before moisture is completely removed from the leaves and the leaf buds, the process of Rolling is done. This process creates more bruising on the leaves and leaf buds and allows the tea to have more flavor.

  • Oxidation

After Rolling, the next step in the process is Oxidation. Oxidation is the stage where the enzymes help create the final taste and flavor of the tea.

  • Drying

The final step in the preparation of tea is Drying. During this stage, moisture is completely removed from the tea leaf and tea leaf buds to ensure that the flavors are packed in properly.

Tea Categories

There are four different types of Tea and they have different countries of origin. White Tea, which is a fast-dried and un-oxidized type, originated in China. Green Tea, a steamed, pan-fried, or charcoal roasted type of un-oxidized tea is thought to have originated in Japan, Taiwan, and China. Oolong Tea, a semi-oxidized type of tea with the characteristics of both black and grees teas, originated in Taiwan and China. Lastly, the popular Black Tea, a fully-oxidized type of tea, originated in China, India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya.

How to Steep Your Tea

The key to getting the best-tasting tea lies in the process of steeping. Steeping is the process of soaking the tea in water so as to extract its flavor. To bring out the best flavors of your tea, it is important to follow the correct steeping time for each type of tea.

CBTL’s Tea Timer

Green Teas – 3 Minutes
Black Teas – 5 Minutes
Oolong Teas – 5 Minutes
Herbal & Fruit Infusions – 7 Minutes

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking tea has a lot of amazing health benefits. Here are some of the most well-known benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis.

  • Tea stimulates clear thinking and alertness
  • Tea increases resistance to a wide variety of diseases
  • Tea assists in proper digestion
  • Tea helps ease discomfort in your limbs and joints
  • Tea prevents tooth decay
  • Tea removes fatigue, elevates the spirit, and promotes well-being
  • Tea cleanses and invigorates the skin
  • Tea brightens the eyes

CBTL Tea Pairings

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduced a wide variety of treats that you can enjoy with your favorite CBTL tea. Here are some of the most recommended delightful pairings for that lovely afternoon or late evening tea break:

  • African Sunrise with Banana Chocolate Muffin
  • Genmaicha with Spicy Tuna Pandesal
  • Apricot Ceylon with Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Pomegranate Blueberry with Strawberry Shortcake

To know more about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and their amazing line of tea products, follow them on their social media pages here (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.) You can also visit their official website HERE.

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