5 Interesting Facts about Melody Hodgson’s Song HAHAY

Getting recognized in Cebu is no easy feat. Here, looks alone just won’t do the trick. And it doesn’t help that each year, the talent pool in Cebu becomes bigger and bigger. So, if you’re an artist, you have to be really talented for Cebuanos to actually pay attention to you. One of these artists is Melody Hodgson.

Melody is a Cebuana who wears many hats – she’s a theater actress, a singer, a dancer, a model, and even a beauty titlist. And if that isn’t enough, she also writes her own songs. In short, she’s the ultimate raketera, as we call it in the vernacular. This lovely singer-songwriter is slowly making a name for herself. And with the release of her LSS-inducing song HAHAY, there’s no doubt that she will soon win the hearts of the Cebuanos.

Ready to know more about your next favorite Cebuano song? Read on!



Hahay by Melody Hodgson

Hahay, her debut, landed 15th on Spotify Philippines Viral 50 a few days after it was released.



Melody Hodgson and the Creation of Hahay

Production for the song started in 2017 but came to a halt when she had to leave for the United Kingdom. Fortunately, she recently flew to Cebu for a short vacation. Finally, she was able to finish the song with the guidance of producer Cattski Espina of Room 11 Recording Studio.



A Personal Story

Melody Hodgson usually writes about her friends’ relationships. However, Hahay is her only song so far that hits closer to home (hello ex-boyfie!).



Challenging MV Production

The music video production was the most challenging of all given she only had six days in Cebu. She was already throwing ideas with her director-editor Anthony Vios Uy while she was still in the UK. However, the script just couldn’t come to life. It was only when she touched down in Cebu that the concept was finally locked. Pre-production was amazingly done in just 2 days, and the music video was in the can in half a day with only a handful of the crew who also served as the cast!


Hahay Contest

A whopping 10 thousand pesos is dangled to the person(s) who can do the wackiest cover of Hahay. Check out @MelodyEstherLoren on Facebook for more details.

While you’re at it, enjoy her performance as Katy Perry in It’s Showtime’s Kalokalike Face 3 in 2015 where she won 1st runner-up.

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