10 Fun Facts About the 11th Hour’s Pusang Ina Music Video

Over the years, the Visayan islands have succeeded in churning out some of the most talented musicians this county (and I dare say this world) has ever seen. The Visayas is basically a powerhouse of outstanding musical geniuses. And it’s a shame that our very own talents are not given the credit and recognition that they deserve simply because we couldn’t give them a chance.

So this week, we’re giving the spotlight to one of our own. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bacolod’s the 11th hour and their equally awesome new music video “Pusang Ina.”


It is proudly the first music video produced outside of Luzon for Viva Records. Pusang Ina is a collaboration among Viva talents from key cities in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.



A true-blue Cebuano directed and edited the music video. Choi (FB: @choixp) also co-wrote the concept with 11th Hour band leader and songwriter Ed Miraflor. Earlier this year, he made his alma mater, the International Academy of Film & Television, proud by bagging the best actor award at the Sinulog Short Film Festival for the big winner “Portal 40.” Truly a man of many talents, he wears many hats as a graphic designer, painter, photographer, filmmaker, and a radio jock.



The 11th Hour (FB: @nobattrequired) is the first homegrown Bacolod talent that Viva Artists Agency took under its wing. The name came about when they were formed for a last-minute gig at La Salle Bacolod.


The inspiration for the song Pusang Ina dawned upon Miraflor when his leftover chorizo was stolen off the table by a stray cat. He came home starving one night from a gig and was so pissed at the thief that he wrote it a song, instead of cursing it.


One of the main actors in the music video, Melody Hodgson, and the producer, who both live in Lapulapu City, almost didn’t make it to the shoot as they were stranded at the old Mactan bridge for four hours due to heavy rains and flooding. Makes you wanna cry out loud, pu*ang ina!


The decision to use an umbrella in the last scene came at the last minute as the crew couldn’t wait any longer for the rain to subside since they were losing sunlight. As luck would have it, the producer (who finally arrived, thank God!) had a black umbrella with a cat-like handle!


Some parts of the music video were shot in Bacolod during a charity concert featuring the original songs of Miraflor.


During initial discussions, Miraflor’s concept involved heavy animation, which Choi tried to tone down by re-writing a lot of the scenes. The only special effect that the creative crew couldn’t seem to get rid off is the changing of the eyes, as eliminating it would ruin the story. Hence, the use of yellow cat’s eye lenses.


One of the highlights of the music video is the cat dance performed by social media personalities Raphiel Shannon and Leo Jeong, Bituing Walang Ningning the Musical lead star Monica Cuenco, Vispop 5.0 finalist Winset Jacot (Cagayan de Oro singer-songwriter of the hit Gugma Pa More), and Davao talents Footwear and Jayrah Kaye.


The 11th Hour is not just all about crazy cat dances. They know hugot too. Check out their second single Maryjaned, a bittersweet song about getting hooked on love.

Check out the lyric video of the song below:

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