19 Northern Cebu Scenes You can Enjoy from the Bus Window

Northern Cebu is blessed with a lot of jaw-droppingly beautiful sights. From cascading waterfalls and white-sand beaches to beautiful rock formations and mesmerizing corniches, a surprise awaits travelers at every turn. While everything in Cebu is relatively within reach, however, a lot of these places can also be very difficult to get to. Some would require a half-hour hike while others would need a 2-hour ride on a habal-habal. Fortunately, some are easily accessible. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to get off the bus (or your own ride) to enjoy them; all you have to do is look out the window.

So, here are 19 beautiful scenes to enjoy from your bus (or car) window if you’re planning to explore the northern half of this beautiful island that we all call home.


These rows of age-old busts at the Durano Foundation compound in Guinsay in Danao City are both intriguing and captivating.


This lovely road-side public beach in Tuburan is a great break from the rows of houses that line the coast of Tuburan. Fine brown sand, big open space, and lots of fresh air — perfect for a memorable afternoon stroll.


The very well-maintained park and municipal grounds of Liloan town impress both locals and tourists. Good job, Liloan!


Enjoy a wondrous view of lush sugarcane fields as far as the eye can see in the city of Bogo.


These age-old structures along the highway give you a glimpse into the colorful past of Danao City.


These trees that line this road in the town of Asturias add to the town’s unique and undeniable provincial charm.


The majestic Tañon Strait is yours for the taking as you pass by this lovely spot in the town of Asturias.


This amazing giant image on top of a chapel on a hill in Bogo City is very visible from the Central Nautical Highway.


During your slow ascent, breathe in the beauty and wonders of this quiet stretch somewhere between Sogod and Bogo City.

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This bridge in Catmon town gives you a chance to witness an awesome natural occurrence: the union of freshwater and the ocean.

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The marvelous Bagatayam Falls in Sogod town is literally just a stone’s throw away from the national highway.

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This coastal road which gives travelers an excellent view of the Tañon Strait is excellent for early-morning jogs and exercises.

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The iconic lighthouse of the city of Toledo is a fitting symbol of this western city’s power and undeniable charm.

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The new sea-side plaza of Danao City is well-maintained and wonderfully designed. It’s perfect for late afternoon meet-ups with good friends.

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These picturesque ponds in Northern Cebu (along the road in Carmen) can calm both the worried mind and the weary heart.

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The promenade of the city of Danao is perfect for late-afternoon strolls and chats over barbecue.

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The beautiful Toledo City promenade and port area are abuzz with life but they are also great for meditation and introspection.

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The picturesque orange bridge of Asturias town stands out in the midst of lush greens and verdant hills.

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The rows of mouth-watering road-side lechon stalls in Liloan town invite travelers to make a quick stop and try one of Cebu’s best lechons.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think about these spots in Northern Cebu!

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