10 Must-Visit Highland Spots in Cebu

With travel to other countries, regions, or even islands becoming almost impossible due to the pandemic, more and more Cebuanos are now discovering the beauty and wonder of our very own Cebu. The highland spots in Cebu, in particular, have been enjoying great popularity in the past several months. With Cebuanos now seeing the unparalleled beauty of these spots, hundreds now flock daily to experience first-hand these breathtaking and truly refreshing destinations.

Today, let’s take a look at 10 highland spots in Cebu that you definitely have to check out as soon as it’s safe to travel once again.

Tops Lookout

First on our list is the iconic Tops Lookout in Barangay Malubog. Considered one of Cebu City’s most popular tourist spots, Tops Lookout is the ultimate go-to spot for Cebuanos (and visitors) who want an unrivaled view of the dazzling Metro Cebu skyline.

Name: Top Garden
Location: Barangay Malubog
Travel Time: 20 minutes
What to Expect: Viewing deck, open space, picnic tables, snacks, and refreshments

Evo Nature Camp

Evo is a new highland spot in the mountains of Balamban. Located just a short distance from the TransCentral Highway, Evo Nature Camp is both easy to locate and access. This beautiful spot has picnic huts, beautiful gardens, a lovely dining area, and tents for glamping.

Name: Evo Nature Camp
Location: Gaas, Balamban
Travel Time: 1 Hour
What to Expect: Gardens, picnic tables, glamping

Soul Sierra

Although Soul Sierra has been around for a couple of years, the place has managed to remain very mysterious, and rightfully so. For this reason, Soul Sierra is a great place for those who want to find true peace and quiet without having to travel very far. The spot is located in Babag 1, just a few minutes away from the Temple of Leah.

Name: Soul Sierra
Location: Babag 1
Travel Time: 30 minutes
What to Expect: One-of-a-kind garden, ponds, swimming pool, rooms

Serenity Farm and Resort

Serenity Farm and Resort is one of the most exciting and promising spots along the TCH. The spot has its own cafe, restaurants, and rooms. Additionally, it has a bamboo grove that transforms into a hang-out spot at night. Located close to the city, Serenity is a great spot for those who want to spend a quiet, relaxing, and truly filling weekend with family and friends.

Name: Serenity Farm and Resort
Location: Sitio Tiguib, Brgy. Malubog
Travel Time: 30 minutes
What to Expect: Restaurants, bamboo groves, resort

Florentino’s Eco Park

Florentino’s Eco Park is one of the most accessible highland spots in Cebu. Built on a cliff in the town of Balamban, Florentino’s sits on a plot of land found along the TCH. With its different picnic areas, gardens, and open spaces, Florentino’s is perfect for that much-needed escape after a long busy week in the office.

Name: Florentino’s Eco Park
Location: Gaas, Balamban
Travel Time: 1 Hour
What to Expect: Picnic tables, gardens, restaurant, viewing decks

Top of Cebu

Top of Cebu is one of Cebu’s most popular restaurants. Serving top Cebuano and Filipino dishes with a twist, Top of Cebu has a steadily increasing number of loyal customers thanks to its pretty impressive menu and gorgeous roofed and open-air dining areas that give guests an awesome view of the ever-changing Metro Cebu.

Name: Top of Cebu
Location: Tops Road, Barangay Malubog
Travel Time: 30 minutes
What to Expect: Alfresco dining, viewing deck

La Vie in the Sky

If you want to unwind with family and friends after a long and tiring day, La Vie in the Sky along Tops Road is the spot for you. This cafe, which is also considered a bakery, winery, and deli, among others, has everything you could possibly need to get your mind off stressful things. And before we forget, they even serve delicious gelato!

Name: La Vie in the Sky
Location: Tops Road, Barangay Malubog
Travel Time: 30 minutes
What to Expect: Outdoor dining, French desserts, wine, deli

Lakeview Le Jardin

Lakeview Le Jardin is one of highland Cebu’s newest spots. Located very close to the Cebu City-Balamban border, the restaurant is a great addition to the growing list of areas in the city that Cebuanos should be proud of. Lakeview Le Jardin has a restaurant, several viewing decks, and a garden which is considered by many as one of the best in Cebu.

Name: Lakeview Le Jardin
Location: Sitio Inaad, Barangay Tabunan
Travel Time: 1 Hour
What to Expect: Outdoor dining, Gardens, Viewing deck

Temple of Leah

The Temple of Leah is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cebu. In fact, a visit to Cebu City is never complete without a quick visit to this multi-million development which was created in honor of a beloved wife and mother. Temple of Leah features achievements in architecture, design, and art and is considered a great symbol of faith and love.

Name: Temple of Leah
Location: Barangay Busay
Travel Time: 20 minutes
What to Expect: Architecture, Open space, viewing decks, snacks, and refreshments

Mountain View

Mountain View Nature’s Resort is one of Cebu’s most favorite highland destinations. In fact, despite the growing number of spots that have opened along the TCH in recent years, Mountain View continues to enjoy the recognition and appreciation that it deserves. Mountain View features events venues, rooms, restaurants and snack bars, viewing decks, and even a pool.

Name: Mountain View Nature’s Park
Location: Barangay Busay
Travel Time: 20 minutes
What to Expect: Swimming pool, conference areas, picnic areas, restaurant, viewing deck

So, there you have it. Those are just 10 of the many highland spots that you really have to check out. Stay tuned for PART 2 of the list coming out very soon!

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