21 Cool Perks of Working at Alliance Software

Alliance Software, Inc. is one of the world’s largest global Filipino IT companies. Established in 2000, Alliance has grown to become a leader in software development. The company’s service offerings include high level BPO work, application development outsourcing, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, UX design, and many more.

Last April 16, 2016, right before a special movie screening attended by employees, members of the locals press, and members of the blogging community, Alliance launched its 2016 campaign LIVE IT. The LIVE IT campaign is designed not only to attract IT professionals and graduates, but also to inspire IT professionals to pursue their individual interests while working in the competitive IT industry. The campaign stresses that individuals who work in the IT field do not have to live dull and boring lives. Instead, what Alliance offers is an opportunity for their employees to live their best lives.

With this in mind, Alliance Software has crafted one of the best incentives and benefits packages in the country. Check out these 21+ perks that will surely make you want to go on and LIVE IT at Alliance Software, Inc.

1. Summer Outings

Are you into traveling and out-of-town trips? Every year, employees get to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the company of office friends and colleagues in Alliance Software’s annual summer outings.

2. Team Building

To strengthen bonds and forge new long-lasting friendships, Alliance has regular team-building activities for all their employees.

3. Gadget Plan Program

Alliance allows employees to purchase gadgets at a much lower price through partnerships with preferred suppliers. The company can also shoulder the total cost of the gadget and let the employee pay the balance in the form of company loan.

4. DSL

Want fast, reliable internet connection at home? Alliance Software provides its  employees a monthly subsidy for personal/home internet connections.

5. Mobile Data Plan

Don’t want to spend a fortune on mobile data plans? Worry no more! Alliance Software, Inc. employees get to enjoy monthly subsidy for the mobile data plan of their choice.

6. 100% Tuition Support for Advanced Degree

Want to grow both as a person and as an employee? Alliance offers 100% tuition fee support for qualified employees who want to become more competitive in their field of work.

7. Auto Loan

Tired of the daily commute to and from the office? Alliance offers hassle-free auto loan application with lower bank interest rate, downpayment discounts, and more.

8. Certification Incentives

To encourage all employees to strive to become better at what they do, Alliance Software rewards employees who pass certain certifications with amazing incentives.

9. Project Incentives

To foster creativity and productivity, Alliance Software offers special incentives to employees depending on the type of projects that they finish or are assigned to.

10. Wellness Program

“All work and no play” is a thing of the past. At Alliance Software, employees enjoy programs and activities that promote wellness and healthy lifestyle.


11. Extensive Vacation Leave

Want to take long vacation leaves? Alliance Software is your best choice. At Alliance, employees can earn as much as 25 total leave credits each year.

12. Flex-Time Work Schedule

At Alliance Software, you don’t have to worry about rush hours, long commutes, and being late. Employees can come as early (or as late) as they can under the Flex-Time work scheme.

13. Out-of-Town & Out-of-the-Country Assignments

Want to travel without having to spend a single centavo? At Alliance Software, employees can get out of town or out of country assignments in the form of trainings, support, or other business related trips. These trips also come with monthly allowance, travel insurance, relocation allowance, accommodation, transfer cost, and many more!

14. Most Value Contributed Award

Employees who have made a positive difference to the company through their valuable contributions are regularly recognized and given exciting rewards and special tokens.

15. Marriage Gift & Vacation Leave

Thinking of getting hitched anytime soon? Alliance Software gives its employees cash assistance and marriage vacation leaves (on top of the existing annual leave benefits.)

16. Housing Program

Want to finally invest on your dream home? Alliance Software offers exclusive discounts and flexible payment terms to qualified members of the organization.

17. Paternity & Maternity Leave

Ready to welcome a new baby to your family? Alliance Software gives parents assistance in the form of additional leave (maternity and paternity) credits.

18. School Subsidy for Dependent Child

Qualified employees with dependent children can take advantage of Alliance Software’s school subsidy package. The company can subsidize the tuition fee of the employee’s dependent children from elementary even up to college.

19. HMO Coverage

At Alliance Software, employees are protected with a health insurance plan that includes hospitalization, medical check ups, dental care, and many others. The coverage is even extended to qualified dependents.

20. Emergency / Calamity Cash Assistance

Now, you don’t have to worry about emergency and calamity funds. Alliance Software gives employees emergency and bereavement leaves as well as cash assistance in cases of emergency.

21. Loyalty Token

To reward employees for their loyalty, Alliance Software gives out special tokens (in the form of cash) to those who have stayed with the company for 5, 10, 15, 20 (and so on) years.

Still not convinced? There’s more!

The winner of the Office Hackathon Challenge gets to bring home cool items and cash prizes.

Branded walking gears await those who are brave enough to take on the company’s Step Up Challenge.

Employees can use their Live IT card to get discounts, privileges and exclusive perks from partner establishments all over the country.

So go ahead and start a career at one of the country’s biggest IT companies!

To join the team, you may visit Alliance Software at:


7th Floor, Pioneer Building, Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone:(032) 415 5279
You may also check out their official website:
As well as their official social media accounts:

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  1. Wow! Grabeha sa benefits wui. Makalipong.

    But the thing about this is that, at first glance, it’s too good to be true. Based on personal experience, there’s always a catch to this.

  2. Dale Rennie says:

    This is such a nice company to work with. I’ve heard a lot about the Alliance and I’m interested to know more about it. And because of this article, you have granted my request. Thank you for sharing this one. This will surely help applicants know more about the background if in case they’ll going to apply to the company.

  3. Cyree Kei says:

    It’s a trap!! Base on experience 😉

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