5 Cebu Travelers to Follow on Instagram

You’re feeling a little adventurous but you’re too lazy to google the most happening travel spots right now. So you turn to Instagram for inspiration. Instead of travel ideas, however, you get nothing but selfies and groufies on your feed. Every so often, you also see an online seller, or a quote sharer who occupies at least 60% of your feed, or someone who shares dubsmash videos every five minutes.

If you’re looking for breath-taking travel photos and excellent Cebu travel ideas, I suggest that you follow Instagrammers who genuinely love to travel and put their trekking shoes on every chance they get. Here are 5 Cebu Travelers you need to follow on Instagram ASAP.

Leylander Der Der @leylander

Why Follow: Follow @leylander for beautiful photos of newly-discovered spots, interesting events, and people.

Followers: 2100 +

@leylander’s Feed:


The Island Boy @theislandboyy

Why Follow: @theislandboyy features both well-visited areas as well as newly-discovered adventure spots in Cebu.

Followers: 3900 +

@theislandboyy’s Feed:

Craig Middleheaven @itsyouthaticraig

Why Follow: Follow @itsyouthaticraig to see some of Cebu’s most popular spots from a whole new different angle.

Followers: 9600 +

@itsyouthaticraig’s Feed:

Vanz Llamas @shervanz

Why Follow: Follow @shervanz for amazingly wonderful captures of some of the province’s top tourist haunts.

Followers: 10,200 +

@shervanz’ Feed:

Elei @iameleimath

Why Follow: Follow @iameleimath as he discovers some of Cebu’s jaw-droppingly beautiful natural gems we didn’t know existed.

Followers: 18,200 +

@iameleimath’s Feed:

Do you know other Cebu Travelers with Instagram accounts worthy of a spot on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Martin says:

    How could you miss @ninjarod? Also @ph.noel

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