15 Perfect Pit Stops in Southern Cebu

pit stop (noun)

a brief rest, especially during a journey.
a place where one takes a brief rest during a journey.

Cebu is a pretty small island. But it is interesting to note that despite its size, land travel from tip to tip can be unexpectedly long and tiring. Good thing Cebu has amazing spots – man-made and natural – that can keep our mind off the long travel hours while on the road.

Here are 15 amazing pit stops to make your Southern Cebu tour a little more interesting.

1. Molave Milk Station

Location: Barili
Do: Grab some lunch or enjoy some snacks, fresh milk, and cold treats. Their ice cream flavors are glorious!


2. Historical Square

Location: Oslob
Do: Visit the town’s age-old structures like the carcel, watchtower, church, and town plaza. They also have free rest rooms!


3. Shoe Expo

Location: Carcar City
Do: Go shoe-shopping or enjoy a hearty meal at a full-service restaurant within the complex. Be ready with your haggling skills!


4. Halo-Halo Lane

Location: Dumanjug
Do: Order a bowl of the town’s famous halo-halo while enjoying the plaza’s free WIFI. And plaza look really lovely, too!


5. Baywalk

Location: Naga City
Do: Grab some snacks or a full meal. After a full day on the road, you can also enjoy live music and some cold drinks!


6. Matutinao Beach

Location: Badian
Do: Go for a quick swim or comb the beach for something valuable. And don’t miss the spot where the Matutinao river meets the open sea. The view is spectacular!


7. Tingko

Location: Alcoy
Do: Enjoy a quick swim and meet visitors (both local and foreign) who also frequent the beach!


8. Sea-side Plaza

Location: Ginatilan
Do: Do a quick shopping at the town market, use the public restroom, or enjoy delicious full meals at nearby restaurants. Then, sit on one of the benches and just enjoy the wonderful view.


9. Heritage Town

Location: Boljoon
Do: Enjoy an amazing view of the town’s cultural wonders or take advantage of the town plaza’s free WIFI connection. You may also check out the newly-opened Ili Rock Viewing Deck.


10. Park Place Resto Bar

Location: San Fernando
Do: Grab a full meal or enjoy a few bottles of cold drinks. You may even go swimming in the pool just below the restaurant.


11. Sanayon Park

Location: Santander
Do: Pose for a quick photo-op or enjoy an amazing view of Sumilon Island or the nearby island of Negros.


12. Boulevard

Location: Dalaguete
Do: Enjoy a bowl of halo-halo, a stick of pork barbecue, a warm bowl of batchoy, and the cool Dalaguetnon breeze.


13. Gorgeous Bay

Location: Barili
Do: Feast your eyes on the marvelous Barili Bay or enjoy a few bottles of cold drinks at a nearby cafe.


14. Gaisano

Location: Moalboal
Do: Do some quick grocery shopping or grab a bite in Moalboal’s very first McDonald’s branch.


15. Torta

Location: Argao
Do: Enjoy Argao’s famous torta and other well-loved delicacies. Don’t forget to buy some for your family and friends!

Don’t forget to drop by these amazing spots the next time you find yourself traveling towards the southern tip!

Say tuned for 15 Perfect Pit Stops in Northern Cebu!

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  1. December 31, 2020

    […] Naga’s Baywalk is one of the most popular destinations of Cebuanos living in the southern end of the island. The park has plenty of open space and free sports facilities. Most importantly, it offers visitors an amazing view of the ever-changing skyline of Metro Cebu! And at night, a portion of it transforms into an amazing food park! […]

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