5 Must-Visit Spots In Malabuyoc

If you’re tired of the usual Southern Cebu tourist haunts and want to experience something new and different, we know just the right town for you. Located more than a hundred miles from Cebu City, the sleepy town of Malabuyoc has everything you could ever need for a fun, exciting, and truly memorable weekend. It has great beaches, beautiful natural wonders, and people with sweet, genuine smiles.

Check out these 5 amazing spots in Malabuyoc you really need to visit.

Aranzana Springs

As soon as you reach the town center of Malabuyoc, be sure to keep an eye out for the only Western Union branch in town. It is located just a few hundred meters from the town church. Once you see it, get off the bus (or V-hire) and ask around for directions to the Aranzana Springs. The Aranzana Springs are several freshwater springs located in Barangay Aranzana. These springs flow straight to the river and are used by locals for drinking and washing. Several of these springs also flow towards tiny pools created by locals for swimming and dipping.

Montañeza Beach

The Montañeza Beach is a public beach located along the South National Road in Barangay Montañeza. It is a small beach that only locals (and very few visitors) know about. What makes the Montañeza Beach unique is that it is littered with pebbles and rocks instead of the usual fine, white sand like its more popular counterparts on the other side of the island. And while you’re there, do stick around until the early evening. Sunsets at this beach are breathtaking.

Mainit Springs

Want a little hot bath after several hours on the road? Drop by the Mainit Springs of Barangay Montañeza. Located only a few kilometers from the public beach, Montañeza’s hot springs will truly surprise and amazing. You can choose from four different pools– each one with different size and temperature. The hottest pool has a temperature of 42.6 degrees Celsius. If this isn’t your thing, you can check out the other ‘colder’ hot pools.

Montañeza Falls

Located less than a kilometer away from the hot springs is Montañeza’s amazing waterfall. With several small drops and a major one that totally looks stunning from all angles, Montañeza Falls is truly one of Cebu’s best-kept secrets. What makes the waterfall even more fascinating is the exciting trail that takes visitors to the final drop. If you’re brave enough, get ready to crawl through holes, climb through carved footpaths, and wade through knee-deep water to get to this amazing beauty.

Kabutongan Falls

Ready for a bone-breaking adventure? Check out Malabuyoc’s Kabutongan Falls. Located at the tip of the municipality in a barangay called Looc, the waterfall is considered one of Cebu’s most challenging natural wonders. To get to the main drop, you’d have to climb up slippery slopes, wade through waist-deep water, swim across deep natural pools, and crawl up boulders and tree branches. The trail is not for beginners so you’d have to be extra careful. You’d have to wear a life vest and you will also be needing the assistance of a well-trained and very experienced tour guide.

Which of these spots in Malabuyoc have you visited? Let us know in the comments below!


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