Bo’s Coffee Launches Digital Coffee Company “Bo’s Coffee Daily”

Bo’s Coffee, the country’s biggest homegrown coffee chain, recently launched its very own digital coffee company. This game-changing development is called Bo’s Coffee Daily. This new coffee company gives coffee lovers quick and easy access to their favorite Bo’s Coffee drinks on the daily.

Bo’s Coffee Daily

Bo’s Coffee Daily was made to make things easier for lovers of the brand. In addition, it combines technology with the brand’s tradition of serving quality home-grown coffee. Indeed, the new company is a perfect tool in this time and age.

Founder Steve Benitez said the move was done to give back to their most loyal customers. In fact, he said, “With Bo’s Coffee Daily, people living in select urban areas of the Philippines will now be able to get the coffee they crave in just a few clicks.

“When the restrictions took hold, we realized that coffee was such a big part of consumers’ lives. Whether it meant catching up with good friends or getting some work done. People really missed the cafe. Of course, we couldn’t give those exact same experiences. However, we could still get them professionally-brewed coffee right when they needed it while making the experience as delightful as possible,” Benitez added.

Easy to Use Chatbot

The star of this new project is the friendly and smart Facebook chatbot that users can open from their device. From their homes, and without the traffic and long lines, users can order their favorite Bo’s Coffee drinks.

To use the system, users must visit the chat box of the company’s official Facebook page. Then, they can ‘chat’ with the system about the details of their order. Then, they can complete their order with just a few clicks.

Mr. Benitez said, “In today’s world, customers already expect convenience. However, what we’ve tried to do is go a step further and make the experience more human.”

Customers can also order via the FoodPanda and Grab apps.

Bo’s Coffee Daily Treats

The new company’s coffee products were made for serious coffee lovers. Some of the drinks available to order include the Iced Cream Cheese Coffee, Mocha Dinosaur, Naughty Hazel Mocha Coffee, and Oreo Iced Creamy Coffee.

Order your favorite Bo’s Coffee treats now:

–        FB Messenger:

–        FoodPanda:

–        GrabFood:


At present, Bo’s Coffee Daily is open for orders from 8am to 8pm daily in Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City in Metro Manila. Additionally, it is offered in Cebu City and Mandaue City in Cebu. However, more Filipinos will be able to enjoy this service soon. In fact, the brand plans to expand to more than 50 areas all over the country.

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