5 Must-Visit Spots in Alegria

You’ve probably heard of the quiet little town of Alegria in South Cebu. And the only thing you probably know about it is that it is where people go to quench their thirst for adventure.

But did you know that Alegria has a whole lot more to offer? That despite its relatively small land area, it is packed with so much natural beauty and wonder?

This week, TheCebuano lists down 5 gorgeous spots in the town of Alegria that you definitely have to check out!

5. St. Francis Xavier Church and Town Plaza

The town of Alegria has one of the oldest churches in the entire Province of Cebu. The town church, which is now turning a hundred and sixty years old, was built in the year 1857. The age-old structure is facing the seaside town park, the Tañon Strait, and the beautiful island of Negros.




4. Baluarte

Like many towns in the province of Cebu, the town of Alegria has a baluarte. Alegria’s baluarte or watchtower is one of the most-preserved in the whole province. It was built in the 1800’s and was used as a detecting device to warn locals from invading Moro raiders.




3. Cancalanog Falls

Cancalanog Falls in Barangay Compostela, Alegria, is one of Alegria town’s hidden gems. A good 30 minutes from the main highway, the famous waterfall which pours into one of the island’s most iconic swimming holes, is a favorite destination even among locals.



2. Canlaob Falls

Barangay Sangi in Alegria is famous for being the jump-off point for most canyoneering activities in South Cebu. Not many people know, however, that just a couple of meters from the oft-visited spot is the more picturesque Canlaob Falls. The drop of Canlaob may not be as impressive as that of Kawasan, but its pool is just as lovely.



1. Cambais Falls

The sleepy little town of Alegria is home to one of the island’s most beautiful waterfall curtains. Cambais Falls in Barangay Guadalupe has three major levels with at least 5 different drops. The waterfall is most notable for its spectacular plunge pool which is a favorite among cliff-divers and adrenaline junkies.



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