Taiwan’s Fried Chicken Master is Now in Cebu!

Taiwan’s favorite fried chicken has finally landed in Cebu. Fried Chicken Master, a fried chicken restaurant which was created in 2014 by Young Qin International Co. LTD, has finally arrived in Cebu after the company expanded to Manila back in 2018. Fried Chicken Master is a welcome addition to the ever-growing list of chicken restaurants that a lot of Filipinos frequent and patronize. But is Fried Chicken Master really a master of fried chicken? TheCebuano recently visited their new store in Cebu to find out!

Fried Chicken Master’s menu is limited but they made sure that they’re big not only on taste and flavor but also in serving size.

Each Fried Chicken Master Jimbo set meal comes with a free serving of corn soup and a drink.

Fried Chicken Master’s Golden Brown Fried Chicken

Their signature golden-brown fried chicken is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. For Filipinos, the standard taste of their fried chicken needs a little bit of getting used to. But once you get past the initial stage of acceptance, you will quickly learn to enjoy the texture and the unique flavors of their fried chicken.

Fried Chicken Master’s Karate Chops

One of the most popular items on their menu is the Karate Chop – a huge serving of chicken breast which is served with a side salad, a cup of shallot rice, and a drink.

Fried Chicken Master’s Shallot Rice

Fried Chicken Master serves a variety of Jimbo Meals, Master Meals, Kids Meals, and Group Meals which can feed up to 16 people!

Fried Chicken Master’s Spaghetti

Aside from their fried chicken sets, Fried Chicken Master also serves spaghetti, golden cheesy fries, and master buns.

Fried Chicken Master’s Master Buns

If you want crispy and delicious fried chicken delivered straight to your home, Fried Chicken Master is now available on Foodpanda!

Fried Chicken Master is located at the second level of SM City Cebu (close to Miniso.) For more details and information, follow them on Facebook here. You may also visit their official Foodpanda page here.

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