Cebuano is Now Available on Google Translate’s Word Lens

Good news, fellow Cebuanos! The Cebuano language is now available on Word Lens. Word Lens, a very useful feature within the popular Google Translate app, allows users to use their mobile phone’s camera to instantly translate foreign words (in this case Cebuano) into English (or any language of their choice.)

To use Word Lens, the user simply has to hold his or her mobile phone in front of the text (a sign, a menu, a typewritten document, etc.). The app will auto-detect the supported language on the focused text. Then, the correct English translation will automatically overlay on the screen.

In the past, the Google Translate app can only translate to or from English. Today, however, with all the recent updates, translation of the source languages is not limited to English. This means that using the app, you can now translate from Cebuano to Japanese, from Korean to Vietnamese, from French to Tagalog, and so on.

At present, the app can now translate around 88 source languages (including Cebuano) into over a hundred different languages. The app can work offline, too! Simply download the available language pack and you will still be able to use the app even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

According to Gabby Roxas, Marketing Head of Google Philippines, “Cebuano is an important language and adding it on Translate’s Word Lens will help facilitate better communication with the locals and promote a greater appreciation for Cebu’s rich culture.”

Download the Google Translate app now and give it a try! Then tell us about your experience!

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