The 12 Most Gorgeous Town Plazas in Cebu

Cebu has a lot of beautiful town plazas. However, only a few of these town plazas really stand out. These plazas do not only stand out because they are very well-planned and well-maintained, but also because they have features which can never be found anywhere else.

In this very first edition of TheCebuano’s “The 12 Most Gorgeous Town Plazas in Cebu,” we list down 12 of the most attention-worthy and most picturesque plazas on the island.

Let’s see which town plaza gets the most votes (and how well the next batch of town plazas will fare compared to the ones on this list.)


Minglanilla‘s town plaza may be small, but it is packed with all the right ‘ingredients.’ Nestled neatly a few meters above the national highway, the town plaza gives visitors a quick view of the busy Minglanillahon life as well as an amazing view of the pink town church at the top of the hill.


Liloan’s roadside town plaza was once a dry and lifeless piece of property at the heart of Liloan. Thankfully, it was redesigned and improved. Today, Lilona’s town plaza is perfect for late afternoon strolls or long chats over chicharon, lechon, kinilaw, or masi.


The town of Aloguinsan is famous for its friendly locals, amazing natural wonders, and a magnificent view of the Tañon Strait. Aloguinsan took advantage of this by building a plaza that gives visitors a wonderful view of the Strait as well as the peace and quiet needed to recollect and introspect.


The small town of Ginatilan made headlines a few years ago due to the canonization of one of its sons – San Pedro Calungsod. But before all that media buzz, the town was quiet and peaceful. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can clear your mind, Ginatilan’s seaside plaza is the place for you.


The town of Samboan is truly blessed to have access to both the reefs and the ridges. In fact, the town took full advantage of this by building its plaza on top of a hill. The clean and green plaza offers visitors a wonderful view of the sea as well as the island of Negros.


Sibonga’s town plaza is not located near the sea or on top of a hill. In fact, it stands right next to the national highway. But what makes Sibonga’s town plaza stand out is its design and cleanliness. It is definitely one of those plazas where you wouldn’t mind spending a whole afternoon at.


Dalaguete’s town plaza is not only clean and green, it is also accessible from all directions. Situated just behind the town market and the church, the town plaza is perfect for a quick stroll after an afternoon merienda at the merkado. It is also facing the expansive boulevard where Dalaguetnons converge during important gatherings.


The newest plaza to get included in the list is Talisay City’s plaza. The plaza, which is still being finished, is very grand and lavish. Scattered all over the plaza are classical sculptures that remind you of ancient Rome and Greece. The plaza is also spotless and very, very green.


The Heritage town of Alegria is famous not only for its age-old church and amazing natural wonders. It also has an amazing sea-side plaza. The plaza is well-maintained and very pretty. And to make things a little more interesting, the plaza is right next to the national highway.


Naga’s Baywalk is one of the most popular destinations of Cebuanos living in the southern end of the island. The park has plenty of open space and free sports facilities. Most importantly, it offers visitors an amazing view of the ever-changing skyline of Metro Cebu! And at night, a portion of it transforms into an amazing food park!


Before Oslob became uber-popular because of the whale sharks, tourists visit Oslob for its age-old structures. A couple of years ago, these structures were improved and the vast dry lot in front of the church was transformed into one of the most beautiful plazas in Cebu. The plaza now has a cafe and restrooms.


The town plaza of Argao is not only good-looking, but it is also very well planned. Surrounded by important administrative buildings, the plaza sits right in front of the equally-gorgeous town church. The town plaza also has free WIFI, an awesome sound system, and well-maintained benches and pathways.

Which ones are your most favorite town plazas in Cebu? Vote for your TOP 3 favorite town plazas in the poll below!

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