16 Rumored Cebu Projects We All Want to Come True

You’ve probably heard of a few amazing Rumored Cebu projects over lunch, at social gatherings, or on online forums. Some of these rumors are just “out-of-this-world good” that you’re pretty positive that they will never see the light of day. But after the South Road Properties and the 3rd Mactan Bridge became a reality, it is safe to think that, in this time and age, nothing is indeed impossible.

Over the years, countless exciting rumors about our beloved Cebu have surfaced. Here are 16 of the most awesome ones that we all wish would come true soon!

1 . Cebu Bus Rapid Transit

The Cebu BRT

All right. We know it’s no longer just a rumor. But after years of feasibility studies and discussions, we’re still not sure whether or not the Cebu BRT project is indeed pushing through. So, we’re putting this at the top spot. If implemented, the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit, initially called TransCebu, will take Cebu to a whole new level. The system will be very similar to Bogota’s TransMilenio and is expected to change the face of Cebu forever.

2. Downtown Boardwalk

Very much like Naga’s boardwalk

The Cebu Downtown Boardwalk project will transform Cebu City’s downtown area into a world-class destination. With the multi-storey Carbon Market neatly placed on a lot near the City Hall and the whole stretch from Plaza Sugbu to Pasil cleared, the Cebu City ‘pier’ area will have park benches and lampposts-lit roads. Doesn’t that sound just amazing?

3. Cebu Cable Car

JY to Tops in 10 minutes. Can you imagine?

The Cebu Cable car will take visitors from Lahug to Busay and vice-versa – in just a couple of minutes. The cable car will be one of the longest in the world. It will also offer an excellent view of Metropolitan Cebu. Now, we can already imagine what this project will do to the the highlands of Cebu.

4. Niño Paraiso

Screen grabbed from THIS video

The Niño Paraiso is a truly unique concept. This religious theme park will sit on the Shell Islands facing downtown Cebu City. The island will have a lifestyle district, religious components, its very own galleon museum, and a giant revolving image of the Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. Imagine the activities they could do in this area during the Sinulog season. The place would be awesome!

5. Downtown Cebu = Walking District

Imagine this without all the vehicles

The move to make the entire downtown Cebu a walking district will make Cebu’s oldest streets accessible only to two-wheeled vehicles like bikes and motorbikes. The sidewalks will be fixed and alfresco cafes are expected to sprout all over the walk routes. This project is going to make Cebu’s already lively downtown district even more colorful.

6. Cebu Megadome

photo from SSC-Cebu

The Cebu Megadome will put Cebu on the world map, especially in the field of sports. With a seating capacity of thousands, the Cebu Megadome will host international and local sports events, festivals, and fairs. This is great news for Cebuano sports fanatics who shell out thousands just to see their favorite sports teams play in neighboring Asian countries.

7. South Road Properties Theme Park

Like Kasadya. But better.

An exciting theme park similar to Star City and Enchanted Kingdom will rise at the South Road Properties. The park will have fun rides and spectacles that can never be seen anywhere else. Now, imagine unwinding after a busy week at this sea-side theme park. Now, you don’t even have to leave the island. Or the country for that matter.

8. Cebu Light Rail Transit

photo from SSC

Cebu will have its very own high-speed light-rail transit to cater to the growing demands of the busy Metropolitan life. The LRT will run through Cebu’s busy districts and reach all the way to Pardo in the south and Talamban in the north. Doesn’t that sound exciting? We can already imagine all those selfies in the train on Instagram.

9. SM Arena in Cebu

photo from SSC-Cebu

The SM Arena in Cebu will look exactly like the stadium at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City. The world-class facility is huge enough to host various events like friendly matches, conventions, fairs, and concerts. Soon, international acts can make Cebu a major stop for their world tours, too. Imagine Madonna, Coldplay, Beyonce, or Justin Bieber performing right here in Cebu!

10. World-Class Public Library

SRP, Cebu City

The public library, which will rise at one of the empty lots at the South Road Properties will house a complete collection of materials for all types of users. The facility will also have computers, online-search systems, study rooms, and a grand archive. The library will also double as a museum to house some of Cebu’s most valuable heritage pieces.

11. Government Mall

photo: Cebu City Hall circa 2009

A government mall is a new concept. It’s basically a mall which will house all regional and local government offices. Now, Cebuanos only have one address to remember when talking about government-related matters. In need of a passport? Trying to secure an NBI clearance? Go to the Government Mall! This will make government offices more accessible to the public.

12. Water Sports Facility at Pond F, SRP

photo from SSC-Cebu

The water sports facility at Pond F of the South Road Properties is expected to rival Camarines Sur’s famed water-sports facility. The project is expected to be a crowd drawer and a favorite among young European travelers. The facility will be built at the currently-unused Pond F at the South Road Properties.

13. Everyone Wants Kawit Island (now Kawit Point)

photo from SSC-Cebu

One of the hottest properties in Cebu right now is the South Road Properties. But one particular section in the 300-ha property is now being eyed by several developers. Kawit Point, a small island that is now connected to mainland Cebu via the SRP, is being eyed by a firm that wants to build a high-end superclub in Cebu. It is said that others developers are also interested in building a lifestyle project and several highrises at the Kawit Point.

14. The Chief is Coming Home

photo from TDCP

The 40-foot brass statue of Datu Lapu-Lapu in Luneta will soon be in its ‘rightful place.’ Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza is pulling out all the stops to make the transfer more than just a concept. It is said that the statue will stand on a two-hectare reclaimed land at the tip of Punta Engaño and will be as iconic as New York’s Statue of Liberty. Sounds exciting, yes?

15. 5 More Bridges?

photo from SSC-Cebu

It is said that a study, which proposes the construction of more bridges in Cebu, has claimed that having 5 more bridges will help “support future growth of the metropolis.” If things go according to plan, traveling to and from Mactan will now be as easy as a breeze. Now imagine leaving your house just one hour before your actual flight. That would be awesome!

16. Fiesta Marketplace

photo from SSC-Cebu

Are you familiar with P. Zamora Street? It’s that small street between the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Normally the street is wide enough for small vehicles and pedestrians. But on Sundays, things can get a little crazy. This is why a group is eyeing an Urban Revitalization Project for the said street. Check out the artist’s rendition of the project they’re calling Fiesta Marketplace. Promising, right?

NOTE: Please note that the items which appeared on the list are just rumors. These rumors were collected from various websites, forums, and Facebook page. Nothing on this list is final until we get an official word from those involved in these projects.

Which of these projects is your favorite? Which one do you want to see becoming a reality in the very near future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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