15 Reasons You’ll Totally Love the Vivo V5 Smartphone

Last November 23, during a lavish gathering attended by members of the media from all over the Philippines, Vivo officially unveiled the V5 Perfect Selfie smartphone. The V5 Perfect Selfie is Vivo’s newest premium mid-range smartphone. It has an amazing design, incredible speed, upgraded features that are both trendy and functional, and innovations that have never been seen anywhere before.

TheCebuano got a chance to test the V5 perfect selfie smartphone and see why it is taking the world by storm. Here are fifteen great reasons why it is one of the fastest-selling mobile phones in the market today and why we think you will definitely love it!

1. It Has a Sleek and Classy Look

The Vivo V5 has an ultra-slim frame which utilizes the Corning Gorilla 2.5D curved glass. Its back cover has a beautiful full metal design that makes it look both stylish and elegant. It doesn’t have all the unnecessary elements that make smartphones look gaudy and impractical. The Vivo V5’s design is simple, straight-forward, and very well-planned.

2. It Has Amazing Audio Quality

The Vivo V5 uses the iconic custom-made AK4376 dedicated Hi-Fi audio chip. This enables the phone to give a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 115dB. To put it simply, the Vivo V5’s audio quality is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

3. It Has the World’s Best Selfie Camera

In the past, an 8MP front camera is already an amazing mobile phone feature. Vivo, however, has taken things to a whole new level by producing the world’s best selfie camera. The Vivo V5 has a 20 MP front camera which enables users to take nothing but amazing selfies!

4. The Face Beauty Mode 6.0 Feature is Fantastic

The Vivo V5 utilizes the Face Beauty Mode 6.o feature. Instead of just taking good selfies, this feature will allow you to take stunning photographs even with low or limited lighting. Now, you don’t have to worry about taking bad selfies and groufies ever again!

5.The Back Camera is As Powerful

Vivo knows that people use their phones for a lot of different reasons. Although it is safe to say that people nowadays enjoy taking selfies, there are those who still prefer to use the rear camera to take regular photos. For this reason, Vivo has made sure that the rear camera is as awesome as the front camera. The Vivo V5 has a 13 MP rear camera which is even better than the camera of a lot of high end brands.

6. It Has Gorgeous Display

The Vivo V5 has a beautiful 5.5 inch display with an equally-stunning 720×1280 resolution. This feature makes the color more vibrant and the details a lot more crisp. Now, flipping through your albums will be even more fun and exciting!

7. It Has Commendable Performance and Power

The Vivo V5 has a combination of 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Together, they deliver exemplary computing and graphic processing power. This simply means that the V5 wouldn’t freeze on you even if you open multiple apps or do several different tasks all at the same time.

8. It Has Lightning Fast Fingerprint Unlocking

A lot of phones with fingerprint unlocking capabilities promise to be the fastest in the market. However, when tested, these phones fall tragically flat. With Vivo V5, however, you can unlock your phone using Fingerprint unlocking in just 0.2 seconds. Yes, it’s that fast!

9. You Can Multitask!

Now, you don’t have to close a current program or app just to use a different one. With the Vivo V5’s Smart Split 2.0, you can do several things all at once. If a text message comes in while you’re watching a video,  for example, you don’t have to close the video to read or reply to the message. The V5 lets you send back a message while the other half of the screen continues playing the video.

10. It Has a Reliable Software

Vivo Product and Training Manager Mark Cuevas talking about the amazing features of the Vivo V5.

The Vivo V5 is running the Funtouch OS 2.6. This Android marshmallow-based operating system is loaded with features that are both fun and useful. Funtouch OS 2.6 has a simple and very well-designed user interface. It also has a highly advanced anti virus app, one-touch optimization, Smart Motion, Guard Mode, Wake Up, and so many other features.

11. It Has a High Capacity Battery

The Vivo V5’s chipset is very energy effecient. As a result, the battery can last one whole day with moderate to heavy use. This is an amazing feat considering that Vivo managed to fit a 3000mAh battery in such a slim packaging. If you aren’t already aware, the Vivo V5 is only 7.55mm slim.

12. It Takes Care of You

Vivo understands that style and design are crucial. However, they also know that safety and convenience are just as important. For this reason, Vivo has added the Eye Protection Mode which automatically filters out blue light to prevent eye strain and make sure that the eyes are in good condition. Now, you can read as many e-books as you want without worrying about damaging your vision.

13. McCoy and Verniece are Ambassadors

McCoy Deleon of It’s Showtime and and fashion blogger Verniece Enciso are two of Vivo’s local ambassadors. They were handpicked, together with several other club ambassadors from different universities all over the country, because they are fun and youthful and they are trend-setters in their own right.

14. Stephen Curry is Endorsing It!

International celebrity and the NBA’s greatest shooter Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the international brand ambassador of the new Vivo V5 smartphone. Hey, that’s Stephen Curry, one of the most popular people on the planet! No further explanation necessary! 🙂

15. It Has a Jaw-Droppingly Low Price

The Vivo V5 is now available for only PhP12,990. You read that right. Although it’s a lot more affordable than most premium mid-range smartphone in the market today, it is still considered one of the best smartphones to date. That’s value for money, right there!

Check out more product photos of the Vivo V5 smartphone.

Check out these photos from the VIVO V5 Launch in Manila last November 23, 2016.

The grand launch was hosted by Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Chamsey Supsup and TV and movie actor Will Devaughn.

McCoy de Leon and Verniece Enciso with Annie Lim, Vivo Brand Director; Danielle Tiu, Vivo Philippines Media and PR Junior Manager; Hazel Bascon, Vivo Philippines Vice President; Mitze Abrio, Vivo Philippines Brand Marketing Events Manager; and Brent Loree, Vivo Overseas Brand Manager.

Stephen Curry is presented as Vivo brand ambassador.

Members of the media experience the Vivo V5 for the first time at the Vivo Experience Booth during the grand launch.

*** additional photos from the official Vivo website

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