10 Key Features You Will Love about Skywaterpark Cebu (Plus Rates)

The long wait is finally over! Skywaterpark Cebu, the first and ONLY waterpark built above ground is finally opening its doors! You’ve all seen the sneak peek of the project several months ago. And now, we’re only counting the days to the BIG day!

A lot has changed since our first preview. And this time, TheCebuano is happy to present the (almost) final look of the waterpark. Only a few more finishing touches and we’re good to go!

Let’s take a look at 10 awesome features you will definitely enjoy at Skywaterpark Cebu!

1. Waterhouse and Playground for Kids

Treat your kids to an amazing outdoor adventure. At Skywaterpark Cebu, you don’t have to go very far to let your kids have the time of their lives. The water park has a multi-level waterhouse and wet playground that is fun, highly-interactive, and most importantly, safe.

2. Spiral Water Slides for All

If you want a bit of adventure, Skywaterpark Cebu is the right place for you. It has several spiral water slides for children of all ages. These slides come in varying heights and lengths, too! That means you can choose your very own adventure level.

3. Gorgeous Sunbeds and Loungers

Skywaterpark Cebu is the perfect place to relax and breathe after a full busy week at work. To make sure that all guests get to enjoy their time, the waterpark is littered with dozens of beautiful sun beds and loungers. These furniture are not only nice and comfortable, they are also very sturdy.

4. Safety First

The safety of all guests is top priority at Skywaterpark Cebu. For this reason, the waterpark has well-trained rescue and security personnel who make sure that everything is in top shape and everyone is safe and sound. Lifeguards also patrol the pools to prevent any untoward incidents and ensure that your time at Skywaterpark is nothing short of wonderful.

5. Island Pool and Jacuzzi

Skywaterpark Cebu has a huge guitar-shaped island pool that sits right at the heart of the whole property. The pool has shallow areas (perfect for beginners,) and deeper parts for those with better swimming skills. In the middle of the pool, and connected by two bridges, is an island where a jacuzzi can be found. The island can also be transformed into a DJ pod during night parties and special events.

6. Sunken Swim-up Bar

Fancy a cool drink while in the pool? You don’t have to look for a service staff or get out of the pool to get a glass of your favorite concoction. All you have to do is swim up to the sunken bar right at the end of the guitar-shaped island pool. It’s manned by well-trained and very accommodating staff, too!

7. Infinity Pool and an Awesome View of Cebu

Forget about all the pool experiences you know because Skywaterpark Cebu is offering something extremely different. Located on the sixth floor of the JCentreMall building, the infinity pool offers a breath-taking view not only of Mandaue City but also of Cebu City, the channel, and the resort island of Mactan!

8. Restroom and Showers

Skywaterpark Cebu sees to it that its members and clients enjoy every aspect of their experience. For this reason, the waterpark has great-looking showers and restrooms. The outdoor showers are simple but polished and the restrooms are well-maintained, well-supplied, and immaculately spotless.

9. Beautiful Locker Rooms

The locker rooms at Skywaterpark Cebu are not only clean and sparkling, they are also very well-lit, very well-maintained, and visually pleasing. Utilizing a convenient key system, the lockers are spacious, safe, and very easy to use. Non members may also rent lockers when at the waterpark.

10. Restaurant with a View

After a good tiring swim, you’ll most likely look for some great-tasting treats. Fret not. Skywaterpark Cebu has a restaurant that serves a wide variety of international selections. The restaurant offers all-time favorites like burgers, pizza, and shakes, as well as special dishes you can never find anywhere else. And let’s not forget about the amazing view as you enjoy your food. You wouldn’t want your dinners to end!

Video of Skywaterpark Cebu

Check out this short video highlighting some of the waterpark’s best features.

Membership Packages

Sale rate until December 31, 2016 only

Premium Plus Individual Membership Package PhP 35,000.00 PhP 20,000.00
Premium Extension Membership Package PhP 15,000.00 PhP 10,000.00
Premium – Family Fun Family Membership Package PhP 40,000.00 PhP 25,000.00
Premium – Kids at Play Kid’s Membership Package PhP 10,000.00 PhP 5,000.000
Executive Class Corporate Membership Package PhP 50,000.00 PhP 35,000.00

Day and Night Use Rates


More Photos of Skywaterpark Cebu

Inquiries and Membership

For inquiries and membership concerns, contact Skywaterpark Cebu at:

6th Floor (Roof Deck), J Centre Mall
165 A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid
Mandaue City 6014

Telephone Nos. +6332 266 1234 | +6332 345 1234
Mobile Numbers: 0917 646 7074 (Rod) | 0917 646 7053 (Janna) 

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