20 Amazing Cebu Changes Since Your Last Visit – Part 1

Cebu is changing fast. The Cebu you knew when you left may not be the same one you come home to tomorrow. So, this week, TheCebuano is giving you a rundown of 20 exciting developments in Cebu that you definitely wouldn’t know about if you haven’t been back in recent years.

1. Boljoon Loses Its Plaza

After numerous attempts to restore its old (and very lovely) plaza, the town of Boljoon has decided to keep things simple and practical.

2. UP Cebu at the SRP

The University of the Philippines now has a new campus in Cebu. It is situated right across the FilInvest property at the South Road Properties.

3. Moalboal Gets Another Mall

After the completion of Gaisano Grand Mall, another Gaisano brand is determined to make a mark in the diving town of Moalboal. Gaisano Town Center Moalboal is now open!

4. The Belfry Has Been Restored

After its destruction four years ago, and after months of work, the bell tower of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño is now in good working condition.

5. Undergrounding Work

Undergrounding work has been done is various parts of the city to transfer the overhead cables underground and clear the streets of ‘spaghetti wires.’

6. Goodbye Marriott

After twenty longs years, the Cebu Marriott Hotel is finally closing its doors. In 2018, the hotel will reopen under its new name SEDA Hotel.

7. Mahiga Creek Rehabilitation

The Mahiga Creek has been cleared of illegal settlers and its messy and overly-polluted banks have been replaced with concrete slabs.

8. Cebu Ocean Park is Now Under Construction

Cebu’s very first ocean park is now being constructed right next to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod at SM Seaside City Cebu Complex at the South Road Properties.

9. SM Partners with Cobonpue

World-renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue has partnered with SM Seaside City Cebu to create the Sky Play, Cobonpue’s very first playground.

10. Downtown Cebu Gets a New Mall

Downtown Cebu will soon have even more shopping choices. CityMall Bacalso, situated right next to E-Mall is now under construction.

11. Carcar Has a New City Center

Carcar has decided to build a new city center which is complete with new infrastructure, road networks, and even a brand new city hall.

12. Naga City Builds a Massive Boardwalk

The City of Naga has recently opened to the general public a 195-meter Marine Boardwalk, the very first of its kind here in Cebu.

13. CCMC is Rising Fast

The construction of the new Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) is now in full swing. The development stands on the exact same spot where the condemned structure was located.

14. Naga City Opens Public Pools

Naga City has opened an Olympic-size swimming pool. Nagahanons only have to pay 40 pesos to use the facility. Non-Nagahanons, on the other hand, have to shell out 50 pesos to enjoy the pool.

15. Terminal 2 is Nearing Completion

The highly-anticipated construction of the second terminal of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport is now in full swing.

16. Bigger (and More) Billboards

Local billboard makers have become bolder and a lot more aggressive. Massive billboards can now be seen in various parts of the city, including these ones along the SRP viaduct.

17. A Wider F. Sotto Drive

After numerous delays and various attempts to distract, the clearing and eventual widening of F. Sotto Drive (right next to the Iglesia ni Kristo church along Mango Avenue) has finally been completed.

18. Ili Rock and its New Viewing Deck

After several months of speculations and even protests, the planned Ili Rock Viewing Deck project was finally given a go signal.

19. Simala is Continually Evolving

The once tiny Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or Simala Shrine has been continually growing and evolving. Today, the shrine is several storeys high and has a massive lake right in the middle.

20. Mambaling Gets an Underpass

The underpass project has finally been given a go signal. After its completion, the new infrastructure is seen to help solve all traffic problems in the area.

Which of these developments are you most excited about? Which one shocked or surprised you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for PART 2!

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