Barlico is Finally in Cebu!

Coffee lovers (who happen to be caffeine-sensitive,) rejoice! The long wait is over.

Densworth Corporation has finally brought to Cebu BARLICO – the healthy and caffeine-free coffee substitute brand that is enjoying tremendous popularity in the Middle East and in Egypt.

So what exactly is Barlico? What makes it different from other coffee brands? Is it really caffeine-free? And is it safe to consume? Read on to know more about this amazing product!

What is BARLICO?

Barlico is a line of instant coffee substitutes that are 100% caffeine-free. They are made from all-natural ingredients (they are barley and chicory-based) so they are perfect for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers. You get the same amazing coffee taste without the palpitations, nausea, dizziness, nervousness, and insomnia. How awesome!

What is Barley?

Barley is a widely-consumed cereal grain. It is known for its various health benefits and is a perfect substitute for coffee when roasted and brewed.

Barley helps cleanse the digestive system, promotes bone health, lowers blood cholesterol, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, and aids in kidney function.

What is Chicory?

Chicory is a woody and fibrous plant that has a similar flavor with coffee. Usually used as herbal medicine, chicory is considered a superfood.

 Chicory functions as a natural diuretic, laxative, and anti-inflammatory agent. It also promotes liver and gall bladder functions as well as absorption of calcium. Chicory is also widely known for helping manage osteoarthritis and other bone and joint diseases.

BARLICO Instant 3-in-1 Drink

  • Barley and Chicory + Non Dairy Creamer & Sugar
  • 100% Caffeine Free
  • Only 86 calories per serving
  • Convenient for home, office, and school use
  • Sweetened


  • Barley and Chicory Instant Hot Chocolate
  • Only 132.5 calories per serving
  • Can be served to small children
  • Creamy and rich
  • Sweetened

BARLICO Cappuccino

  • Barley and Chicory + Foam Creamer
  • Only 70 calories per serving
  • Convenient for home, office, and school use
  • Mildly sweetened

BARLICO Instant Coffee Substitute

  • Barley and Chicory Instant Black Coffee substitute
  • Dark and robust coffee taste
  • Low-calorie
  • Unsweetened

If you love the taste of coffee but can’t handle too much caffeine, you will love Barlico’s line of 100% caffeine-free coffee substitute products.

Give your life a break. Switch to Barlico today! Barlico is now available in Cebu stores!

To know more about Barlico, visit their official page:

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