Sugid Alampat Brings Art Closer to the Youth Through ‘Gama’

For the members of Sugid Alampat, creative storytelling is not only limited to the use of words. It can also be done through hues and strokes. The group – a gathering of aspiring young artists from Cebu – only has one goal in mind: to encourage the youth to turn to art for self-expression.

Sugid Alampat comes from two Cebuano-Bisaya words ‘sugid’ and ‘alampat’. Sugid means to tell and alampat means art. Together, the two words stand for creativity, passion, and the burning desire to be heard and express one’s self.

Sugid Alampat was founded by young artist Kean Larrazabal. Under the supervision of UP alumna Grace Gay Bono Cabellon, the group of eight aims to highlight the importance of art in dealing with all types of issues especially in this time and age of social media.

Through this advocacy, the group has come up with its debut project entitled GAMA: Youth, Diversity, and Expression. Through the pieces in this collection, the life, inspiration, aspirations, and individuality of the artists are showcased and celebrated.

Kitchay Campo
Kristan Dale Belamia
Sebastian Salvador J. Valenzuela
Kean Larrazabal
Shaira Christine Saldua
Ralph Lauren Unabia
Jhean Kharl Repdos
Christine Stacey Momongan

GAMA: Youth, Diversity, and Expression will be on display at the third level of Robinsons Galleria Cebu from November 25, to December 1, 2019.

During the exhibit, a box will be placed in the venue to encourage visitors to donate. Proceeds of the drive will be used to purchase art materials which will be used in the group’s many art workshops.

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